Guidelines For Attending Virtual Class For A Child Who Is New To School

Virtual class for a child age group between 2.5 years to 5 years is quite a challenging task for both the parents and children. Focus, attention, discipline and grasping are the main areas where the children start developing in physical class.
Although it is time to start a new academic year, the current pandemic situation has not subsided and it appears virtual classes are the way to begin this year too. Parents support are very critical and mandatory for the new entrees as these children begin the journey of schooling virtually. As mentioned below, a few areas must be taken care. They are:

• Firstly explain the reason to dear ones why virtual class instead of physical class. Explain the impacts of covid -19 to the child and make the child understand.
• Support your ward whole heartedly.
• Ensure the child takes bath and is dressed properly in comfortable clothes before class begins.
• Ensure the child eats enough food before the session starts in order avoid cranky mood.
• Try setting up a study environment by providing table, chair, books and stationary. Remove toys and other favorite items from the study table during the class hours.
• Allow the child to play freely either indoor or outdoor before the class begins according to the child’s choice. This technique may induce the child’s mood to focus in the class.
• Counsel the child to do the daily assignments given from school.

Let’s do our best to make virtual schooling as exciting as possible to our little ones by engaging enthusiastically with them and creating a fun-loving learning atmosphere at home.

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