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Toys play an important part in your life when you have a toddler at your home. They eat, breathe, sleep, bathe & play with toys. It helps in their cognitive development from childhood by making them think about the toys and how to play with them. Here in this blog, I will share the list of some toys for toddlers which can make them engaged for long.

As a mother, I can vouch that many of you will agree that it is very difficult to clean the clutter made by the toddlers and their toys. But then again, we can’t avoid the fact that these toys keep these cute little toddlers busy the whole day.

I remember when I used to give the bucket full of toys to my son only to scatter them all around the floor. But he used to get so involved that, at times, it became impossible then to separate him from the toys. I used to ask him to keep the toys back in the bucket before he sleeps. He used to do that, which made him tired and helped him fall asleep quickly. And this went on repeat mode.

I am sure many of you go through the same drill over and over again. You know how that keeps these toddlers busy and always active. This is the most healthy thing that we can offer the toddlers for their growth & entertainment too. They learn to think, solve puzzles, connect, and remain involved with the toys.

Types of Toys for Toddlers

Before diving into the world of toys, you can choose which one you want for your toddler based on these two categories :

One & Done Toys

One & Done Toys’ are those toys which have only one purpose. They are mostly with batteries. They entertain your toddler, sing or talk with them, and they can’t be utilised in any different way.

Open-Ended Toys

On the other hand, ‘Open Ended Toys’ make the child an entertainer. Toddlers can play independently with these types of toys. Kids need open-ended toys to imagine, create and grow.

Do you need a cheat sheet for choosing toys for toddlers?

→ Follow these tips, and you will be able to choose them –

📍Choose something flexible

📍Encourage problem-solving and exploring skills

📍No choking hazard

📍Sparks imagination

The list I will be sharing would be for toddlers, but they can carry these with them as they grow up. One thing that you should keep in mind is that Toys do not have any gender. A gender-neutral mindset should be imbibed in from a tender age so that they respect all gender in adulthood.


Now coming back to the list of 10 toys to buy for your toddler.

Blocks & Building Toys


One of the best basic open-ended toys you can give your toddler would be blocks. They can play with these blocks for a long period of time. 

It offers playing and learning both. To play and build blocks, toddlers have to involve their hands and mind both. It helps to increase concentration, hand-eye coordination, structural concepts and patience level.

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Balls To Play

Balls play an important role in almost every sport. It comes in various sizes so that kids can play with them at any age. It strengthens the eye-hand-mind coordination. You can play ‘catch & throw’ with your toddlers. Playing with balls involves physical activities. Such a small thing but so many utilisations. Balls – a must, buy Moms!

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Art & Craft

toys for toddlers

Introduce paper and colours to your toddlers from their tender age. The toddler doesn’t have to draw or paint typically. It is just to introduce them to colours and how to play with them and be creative. Buy them clay dough. It gives them opportunities to enhance their skills and also play with their imagination. This is a great way to develop their skills. Introduce them with alphabet toys to help them see bright colours and get familiar with them.

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Puzzles improve fine motor skills and keep the toddlers active. It develops problem-solving skills, pushes the brain to work & experiences the satisfaction of solving the puzzle. Here are some Educational Toys For Toddlers Under 1000 INR.

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Vehicle Toys

toys for toddlers

Gift your toddlers toy cars and vehicles. You can teach them how they move. It is a great way to have fun with toy cars or bicycles. Many toddlers are very fond of such cars.

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toys for toddlers

Dolls or figurines are the next best thing your child can have. They eat, drink, play and sleep with them. They learn to get emotionally connected to the dolls and figurines as if they are like any living creature.

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Toddlers love Legos. It is an open-ended toy and can be played with at any age. Legos are full of learning along with having fun too for the kids. They create and destroy and then again create and repeat. This teaches them to be creative and be patient too.

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Musical Toys

Kids love music. They get associated with music from an early age. They like to make noise, and it is like music to them. So to introduce music in their life and keep them engaged, give these toddlers some toy musical instruments like piano, guitar or some simple egg shakers or drums.

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Role Playing Toys

Toddlers love to play like grown-ups and role play. Take note of what your child is interested in and consider food or a play kitchen, a dollhouse, play tools, a play doctor’s kit, spy gadgets, etc.

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Animal Figurines

toys for toddlers

Small animals are open-ended toys which are great for toddlers. They can use them in art projects and basically any imaginary play world they can come up with. Here is the list of 7 Best Climbing Toys For Toddlers.

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To Sum Up

You don’t have to buy many toys. You just need the right kind of toys for your toddler, which will provide both cognitive development skills and fun for the little one. Follow the guide and let your worries go away! Your little one would be so happy just like the Mommy!!

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