Things You Must Have Before Your Baby Turns One

So, your shopping for your newborn or infant is still on. Isn’t it? You must have got great clothes for your baby. And diapers wipes are the basic need and many other newborn or baby products. Here in this blog, I will share the things for the baby you must own before your baby turns one.

Nowadays, every parent wants their babies to be active and smart just after birth. Our babies start to crawl, talk, walk and learn many things in their first year. And to encourage them to do these activities faster or achieve their milestones timely, we have to help them by providing the necessary facilities. Keep reading to know more about how you can do that?

Things You Should Have Before Your Baby Turns One

Along with the basic needs, here is the list of products or toys which I feel you should get home before your baby turns one to motivate them to learn how this world works.

Potty Training Seat

Baby Turns One

No one likes to clean the mess a baby makes while doing potty if they are not wearing diapers. Even if diapers, we do not want to spend our hard-earned money on diapers while at home. We all know what diapers do to our baby’s delicate skin if not for money. Moreover, it is always worthy of potty-train your baby before he turns one.

Here, I am not mentioning potty boxes or potty chairs. It is a potty seat that can fit your regular pot or commode. Why is this potty seat best? Because you do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the chair or box. Another reason is that you do not have to train your baby to sit in an ordinary commode once they are grown up. It will be just like a regular commode which is perfect for the baby’s size, and you do not have to put much effort once your baby is grown up to sit on a normal one. So, it is worth spending money on this seat to potty train your baby.


baby turns one

I have read somewhere that putting your baby in a baby walker is like giving a teenager a Ferrari, a dangerous risk. Also, many have heard that babies who sit on walkers start walking later than those who do not use walkers. But, both these sayings were myths in my case.

I had bought a walker for my baby when he completed his 4th month, and as soon as he entered the 7th month, he started standing on his own and in the 10th month, he was walking independently. Maybe this is a coincidence, but walker, too, has been an excellent product to me. Regarding the risk of walkers, you should spend money on anti-skid walkers, which I have used. So, there is no such risk of falling or delay in your baby’s walking.

Early learning books

Baby Turns One

You all must have read somewhere that books create a warm and emotional bond between parents and children when they read it together. So, it is wise to spend money on early learning books to get an opportunity for great bonding, and to encourage your baby to look, point, imagine and touch.

If you are not aware of what early learning books are, then let me tell you, the books have pictures of daily used items, fruits, vegetables, animals or anything we come across. There are other books where a complete story is mentioned graphically. These books help babies to understand, imagine and create their own stories.


Baby Turns One

I think blocks are the favorite toy and the best pass time for babies under 1. Why do I feel so? I have seen many babies, including mine playing with building blocks independently. And when they play with them, they don’t need any attention as they enjoy banging them together.

How do these blocks help babies? The building blocks are good at making hand-eye coordination. Blocks play also helps babies to identify different colors and shapes. Moreover, it can bring imagination to life when your baby tries to connect the blocks. And definitely, you can keep your babies busy for long hours with this creative play.


Rocking cradles are basically for babies of age till 7 or 8 months to let your baby sleep quickly with the help of motion. So, if your baby is of this age, it is undoubtedly wise to spend money on this, especially when you are a nuclear family, because it is not always possible to rock your baby in your arms to let them fall asleep.

Rocking will help your baby to sleep peacefully as the baby feels safe, natural and relaxing, just like your arms. However, before buying a cradle, you need to make sure that it has gentle rocking movements and it does not harm your baby in any way. Further, when you are not around or not sleeping with them, you can always put your baby to sleep alone in the cradle without fearing them rolling over and falling off the bed. Also, to check the reviews of various baby products by Mamaearth, click here.

Baby Carrier

Using a baby carrier is a win-win for you and your baby when you have to step out of the house for a long time. The baby carrier has helped us a lot in our early parenting until nine months of our baby’s age. Whenever we stepped out, be it for a long weekend, going outstations, we carried the carrier along. Our baby was also very comfortable in it as he could control his neck movements easily.

With the help of a carrier, you do not have to think much before going out as you won’t have to bear the baby weight on one shoulder and also, your hands will be free so you can carry other stuff along. Moreover, it soothes the baby as the baby can sleep very comfortably on his own in the carrier. So, how do you like the idea of buying one?

Push & Pull toys

Push and Pull toys should be a must-have thing at your home before your baby turns one as it helps in learning babies to walk. There are various kinds of push & pull toys available in the market. Some have musical themes; some have a color theme, animal-shaped, which helps the baby experience all these things along with walking. Small push toys help younger babies in crawling too.

Push toys are good to maintain balance and strengthening the baby’s muscles, and they learn coordination of their foot. With the help of pull toys, babies learn hand-eye coordination as they hold the toy with one hand, pull it and see it coming towards them altogether. These toys also learn about the different directions by moving them to a particular place.

Shape Sorter & Stacking Rings

baby turns one

The shape sorter is the best time pass for babies as they put the wrong shapes. LOL! Of course, they are little and cannot understand precisely the different shapes. So, it is the best thing about this kind of toy that babies can learn about shapes and colors.

Stacking ring toy is another best thing you should buy for your little one. These toys are not only for educational purposes, however playing with them is fun too. Babies learn hand-eye coordination very fast as they stack the rings according to the size and the color. And you can keep your baby busy for long hours by spending time stacking the rings with your baby.


For improving visual memory, flashcards are the best option to buy. Showing the flashcards with images and new words improves their memorization skills. Nowadays, many early stimulation programs are available, including flashcards for early learning in babies. Read here how I made my life perfect after having a baby.

I have heard somewhere that young children and babies have the unique ability to learn and understand things effortlessly. So, showing them flashcards with vibrant images and new words helps improve their learning skills. It is a playful activity along with an educational purpose.

Ride-on Toys

Ride-on toys are beneficial in maintaining balance coordination and help in strengthening the muscles. These toys encourage babies, physical activity and exercise. Moreover, it promotes independence in your child as they can go anywhere by pushing the toy using their legs and foot.

With the help of ride-on toys, kids explore and learn that they can move around faster if they are on wheels. Also, they understand how to remove the obstacles from their path as they need to move the toy when they find any object on their way. And never underestimate your 1-year old that they are still young because they understand it better.


I hope this post was useful, and you will think about buying these items before your baby turns one. Always keep in mind that every kid is different and learns at their own pace. So, never compare your child with any other child. They are still learning and think of those times when they did any wonderful thing to amaze you. Memorize those moments and stay happy.

Conclusively, I would request all of you to share your reviews on the products that you have used. And do mention if I have missed any necessary item or toy. I will be glad to add that too. Stay safe.

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