How to Make Summer Vacations Fun for Kids? Tips By Divya Bhatia!

It’s time to return to childhood, to simplicity, to running and climbing and laughing in the sunshine, to experiencing happiness instead of being trained for a lifetime of happiness. It’s time to let children be children again.” ~ LR KNOST

As the summer holidays have begun, it is time for us parents to make the most of these precious moments with your children and engage in fun adventures that will help them experience their world in the most wonderful ways.

Sharing some suggestions that will help the children explore their independent selves while also strengthening their socio emotional well-being during their summer vacations.

  1. Spend Quality time with your child. Eating meals together as a family develops healthy relationships. There are many light-hearted discussions that you can engage in at the table while also informing your child of the importance of food and not to waste it.
  2. Let your child help you in the house by doing small chores such as, picking up their own plates after a meal, putting clothes in the cupboard neatly, washing their bicycles and toys or arranging their cupboards.
  3. Take them grocery shopping. Ask them to select vegetables and fruits, and in the process reiterate the names of the fruits and vegetables. Let them do the billing to understand the process.
  4. Let your child try his/her hand at a few recipes of flameless cooking. To beat summer heat engage them in some lime water making.
  5. Encourage your child to plant seeds and take care of them. They can note down the observations pictorially. Kids love when some tasks are assigned to them and doing them independently will build confidence in them.
  6. Share stories of your childhood, achievements, and failures too. Share with them stories about your childhood, how you use to spend summer holidays and let them make observations about same.
  7. Let them spend time with their grandparents or other family members. Also, listen to their experiences. Some leisure time with grandparents and other family members will help them valuing family bonding.
  8. You may want to add some more fun by acquainting your child to games that you used to play as a child. Do play with them, Chidiya Udh, luddo on board, card games etc
  9. Take a walk with your child and let them open their heart out to you with questions and observations. If you have time in hand, do take them to one spiritual, historical, one nature related place and let them make observation or develop interests.
  10. Read with them whenever you find the time. Pick up stories that interest them as well as the ones that you think can pique your child’s curiosity. Do take them to bookstore and let them make choice of books.

Our busy schedules can keep us immersed in day-to-day struggles and obligations. But just a few hours with our little ones can make a huge difference to their growing-up years.

With these small suggestions, I am sure, you will be making big memories with little ones which will last with them throughout lifetime.

Wishing you exciting summer vacations & a happy family time this summer!😀

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