Some Magical Experiences

As days passed by & so the months, I could feel some butterfly flattering movements inside the tummy followed by popcorns popping inside, and finally, they were clear felt kicks on rights & lefts.

That joy, that experience was such, as never felt before. Nothing can be so magical as it was. And that very day, I realized that magic does exist. A life is dwelling inside, in the darkest room.

For every ‘OM’ that I chanted, for every Krishna flute, that I heard, for every tear that I shed, for every smile that I made, for every pain that I felt, for every conversation that I made, I received a reaction.

And yes, that was my little Stuart’s kick…

I could feel it so clearly, that it’s beyond our imagination to even guess how it feels.

That feeling is and will always be somewhere in my heart.

The first time when I heard his heartbeat, tears rolled down my eyes.

It was hard to believe that there is a living being within.

On each ultrasound, when I saw his little feet, his fingers, his bones… I was numb and thoughtful, as in, am I in this real world? Is that really happening? Are u really there so little in my not-so-little tummy anymore?

The day when I went into the operation theatre, I touched my tummy and said, its time for you to come out and let me believe that it was all real all through these 9 months.

I laid down and closed my eyes and chanted the Gayatri Mantra. And to my surprise, within minutes after the c- section process began, I could hear a crying sound.

And that was the golden moment when I realized it was all real since then. It was real-life magic that did happen, and yes, I could see him all red & white wrapped and rolled.

His little feet, his little fingers, his skin, him entirely, and what I said was, ‘did he really came out from my tummy’ and once again, tears rolled and rolled down my eyes.

Thank you, god, for making me a part of this real-life magic?

Anchal Agrawal
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