Chapter 2: Self-Discipline – Redefining Life

In the previous chapter, we were introduced to the individual reasons for punishment scenarios, types of the same, intensity, etc., in the process of disciplining kids. With the main objective of disciplining and enhancing obeying tendencies, severe forms of punishment were attempted in historical times. The kings and various forms of governments and nations have punished their slaves, prisoners, enemies, etc. But my question is,” why are we nurturing our kids in the same? Are these little humans the same as those slaves etc.?”

“No’. Disciplining means Redefining life. Punishment/ abuse is not the intended thing here. No emotion is as strong as love and care for these non-carved brains. To preach discipline, we need to be self-disciplined. Self-discipline gives you control over yourself. It is absolutely converse of what most of us think self-discipline to be. For ages, we are made to understand that self-discipline means obeying others. That’s incorrect. Self-discipline is not becoming a puppet at someone’s show and mentality.

Self- Discipline

Self-discipline shouldn’t be linked with don’t do this, don’t do that, blah blah blah scenario. This only instills negativity in brains and makes one unconfident of his caliber. Instead, instilling self-discipline should result in self-control and self-motivation.

Self-discipline can be defined as infusing discipline into one’s choices and realizing actions speak more than words. Changing association perspectives is an automatic part of self-discipline and constraint. Appreciative insight towards self-direction and love is self-discipline.

As says Jim Rohn, “Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishments.”

Border Line Between Discipline And Punishment And Abuse

The respective criterion shouldn’t be destructive for anyone. There lies a small demarcation between punishment and abuse.

  • Punishment in case of infusing should be done at the minimum as the aim is to teach and not harm the kid mentally.
  • Following strict standards is good but to be harsh isn’t appreciable.
  • Punishing the little heart doesn’t allow you to force yourself on the kid.
  • Words can restrain the child’s mental wellness, leading to a scar on his heart forever.
  • Abusive language, along with actions, has the caliber to destroy the child’s capabilities to explore.
  • Making anyone dependent isn’t disciplining.

The results of abuse can be disastrous. One who has experienced the state of abuse frequently may lose his leadership qualities and skills. The pessimistic approach may overpower the victim, leaving him behind in life.

So, it’s up to you to decide what type of future we are planning. One with the same age-old restricted approach or a new one where experience and exploration decide it all.


The more one is disciplined to notice good things in life, and the more one is willing to recognize reasons to be thankful. So, let’s permit our young ones to notice what’s good in life. The stars will surely recognize their worth in the non-ending infinite world of wisdom.

Let’s not tell them the boundaries to fly. They must set boundaries for themselves and explore without any boundation. Let’s give them a free world and believe in their caliber.

Appeal From Author

The main purpose of my writings is to create awareness about some social topics that need urgent discussions. It’s not to offend anyone’s feelings. It’s just a daughter, a teenager, a sister, a wife, and a mother expressing herself after learning from the experience of life. My readers’ views, suggestions, opinions, or topic suggestions are always overwhelming.

So sorry for the delay, guys. Sorry to keep you waiting again.

Happy Parenting!

Ritu Goel
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