To My Second Child

You are not my first; that much is true; I loved another before loving you.**

I am a different mother this time around; more calm and confident I have found.**

With your brother everything was new; I was focused on his every move.**

Each tiny smile was photographed; I changed my ringtone to his laugh.**

Since you came, there’s a new dimension; two children now want my attention.**

And sometimes you are left in your chair; whilst I play with your brother over there.**

I cannot watch your every move, or you cry out, jump to soothe; I don’t panic every time you sneeze and ease you off.**

Your rattles and teddy are handed-down; some toys may have lost their sound.**

There’s less concern if your blanket is scratchy; your baby back is a little patchy.**

I know what the next months have in store; each phase you reach I’ve seen before.**

This doesn’t mean I love you less; this time the feelings are more complex.**

I’m pleased to see you learn and grow; but it all pulls my heartstrings so.**

I was so excited the first time; but this time I wanted to slow things down.**

Your “FIRSTS” will all be “LASTS” for me; last crawl and last to ride my knee.**

Last nappy,breastfeed spoon of mush; the last rock-to-sleep, the last cry to hush.**

You we’re not my first born this is true; But the last child I will have is you.**

You’re the last lullaby I’ll ever sing; And “lasts” are a special kind of thing.**

Sharmila Yellapu

Sharmila Yellapu

I am a Stay-at-home mom. Mommy of two naughty boys. Plant lover, loves to cook for my family and above all I just like exploring new things, hobbies and writing is one thing which I actually love. And I want everyone to join me on this new journey of mine??

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