Sebamed Baby Lotion – Reviews & Experience By A Mother

‘I may not be perfect, but when I look at my children, I realize I have got something in my life PERFECTLY RIGHT.’ Today, I will be sharing you with the reviews of Sebamed Baby Lotion as I found that this is the product I was looking for.

I wouldn’t allow even the air to pass near my child harshly then; how can I, a mother, use an imperfect product for my kids.

Yes, I am a mother of two kids –a sweet daughter (14) and a naughty son(5). I have faced many difficulties and confusion while choosing the right product for my kids, and I hope you all mothers of toddlers, newborns, teenagers, and even grownup kids will correlate with me on this topic.

Nowadays, with so many products in the market so many brands the confusion and chaos are rising daily. So here I am with my piece of homework and help to my fellow mothers. I am here to give my feedback and share my experience of using SEBAMED LOTION gifted to me 2 years back by my sister, who seems very specific about her kids’ products. She gave it to my son, who was facing the problem of chapped and dry skin.

I was really worried, and the day I started using the SEBAMED BABY LOTION, all my worries and kids’ problems started disappearing. Today after using it for 2 years, I am in love with it. I am obsessed with the quality of SEBAMED LOTION that I have started using it for my daughter, too. Also, check out the reviews of Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo for mothers.

Ingredients & Specifications

  • This is a German product with a pH of 5.5 and 7 percent of natural lipids. This is far better than the conventional lotion with a pH as high as 6.8 or 7.
  • Along with pH 5.5, natural lipids also have an appropriate blend of water for hydration, glycerin to maintain the softness of skin, mineral oil instead of paraffin, flower extract to enrich the baby’s skin with vitamins and essential oils.
  • The Sebamed baby lotion has AN EASY SPREAD ABILITY without leaving an oily film on the kids’ skin. This makes it worth using even during the summers, just like nowadays.
  • I am a big fan of its pleasant botanical fragrance. My kids are so in love with its fragrance that they are ever ready to use it without fussing around.

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I, as a mother, know that using it twice – once after a bath of my kid and then before he goes to bed at night – I am sorted.

Their skin, face, body glow like happiness, glow like sunshine, and glows like a mother’s pure and selfless love and care. I started feeling the effect just after 7 days of usage, and their skin feels so soft and delicate. All the rashes and dry skin have disappeared, and to date, my kids have never got them back.

Though the price is not too high, if it would have been, then also the product is worth it. I believe Sebamed Baby lotion is one of the best products I have ever used. Check out The Best Oils for Baby Massage (and What to Avoid).

YES, this is the care all our babies deserve.

Namita Aggarwal

Namita Aggarwal

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