Tech-Savvy Kids & Their Increased Screen Time : A Modern Parenting Skill

These days every parent is concerned about the upbringing of their children and focusing on applying the best parenting skills. Of course, they do, but then technology comes in between. So, the question arises, are we among the ones who are using screens as one of the parenting tools, increasing our screen time and are not doing what is exactly required? Let’s throw some light on this prime topic.

We all (including our innocent kids) are surrounded by electronic gadgets like smartphones, television, video games, iPad, laptop, etcetera. These gadgets have now become an inseparable part of our lives. It is so shocking that it has now become one of the best parenting tools for parents. We are serving these gadgets to our kids and then complaining afterwards about the excessive increase in screen time by our children.

Why There Is An Increase In Screen Time?

Everything has its own time so does the introduction of screen time. If your child is pressing the pushbuttons and likes to see the video does not mean that they can take the devices and use them independently. Child specialist often suggests not introducing screen time to children under two years of age because they take the best learning experience from a real-world stimulus, and it is very crucial in their developmental process. Then why does this advice go unnoticed in today’s era? Whom are they getting influenced from? These are being answered here to know the root cause behind it.

Increased Usage of Screen Time By the Parents

Factually, device usage has increased at a tremendous rate because of the changing lifestyle. We are using these devices all the time, may it be, for our work purposes like paying bills, shopping, mailing, or just for scrolling down social media feeds and posting. This activity is being regularly observed by our children, and they are the best imitators. Therefore, this observation directly impacts the kid’s screen time and their screen use.

Working Parents

As in today’s scenario, both parents are working. Some by choice and some have to work for their family. But in both cases, we have no choice but to use these gadgets as a parenting tool because we don’t have enough time and energy left for our kids to entertain and play with them. So, we are bound to serve them with this easiest and most entertaining aid. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are making them addictive to screen. We have many alternatives available that are mentioned below and will help them. Also, read here about modern education, connected learning & its methods.

An Easy Escape From the Responsibility

We are so much occupied with other chores of life that we don’t find time for our kids. For instance, if a mother has to attend to guests at home, then she remains busy in the kitchen. Thus, handing over the gadgets to the kids will help her in completing the task on time.

Furthermore, the major concern of parents is to feed their child, so we find it very easy to make them eat by giving screens in their hands. This way, we are simply filling their stomach and feels happy that the target has been achieved. But the question arises; is it beneficial for children to eat this way? The answer is NO.

Scientifically, it has been proven that eating while watching a screen does impact their digestion system, immune system, and improper development of taste buds. So, even healthy and nutritious food becomes unhealthy for them as the nutrients are not properly absorbed in their bodies.

Also, when kids become cranky, we think that the easiest way out is to hand over the mobile phones and make them watch their favourite videos, rather than trying other ways to calm them down.

The “ME TIME” Trend

Nowadays, ‘ME TIME’ is becoming very much important to everyone. Time and space for ourselves, our freedom, etc. It is good and, of course, necessary but not at the cost of our children. We must keep in mind that our “ME TIME” is pushing our kids towards long screen times. We should plan our “ME TIME” very skillfully after becoming a parent.

The Feeling of Pride

When our 2-year-old kid unlocks a phone and operates the smartphones on their own, parents think it’s cool and feel proud in front of their friends and relatives to show off that they are making their kids smarter than other kids of the same age.

The Expanding Necessity of Screen Time

The fault is not completely of the parents because in today’s modern time, everything is online, even education. The kids had to sit in front of the screens for hours. We feel helpless, but we don’t have an option. It is our responsibility to observe the kids so that they don’t misuse the gadget given to them.

Impact of Long Screen Time Hours 

We have seen the adverse effects of these gadgets have gone through lots of posts on social media doctor’s advice about the adversity of its usage on kids’ mental, emotional, and physical health.


The problem of lack of concentration in kids is increasing, and their mental growth is declining, and we could not agree more on the fact that it is because of screen time usage. This often leads to mental illnesses such as depression, low self-esteem, and loneliness.


The problem of emotional disturbances in children is rising at an alarming rate, and according to specialists, the increase in screen time is the major cause. Kids are becoming aggressive, stubborn, and undisciplined. Continuous such behaviours will increase anxiety, mood disorder, and ADHD.


It will not be false if we say that the physical activities of children have become nil. No outdoor activities, and all the time, they remain busy with the screens. Their eyesight is at stake, having poor postures and so many medical problems due to the long screen time.

But we are very hopeful parents and are very much concerned about our children, so we have solutions to every problem.

Alternatives To Lessen The Screen Time

There are so many other alternatives available in the market to replace screen time for our children’s entertainment and development. Like,

Digital Slates

This is one of the best alternatives to screen time. It has an Lcd screen without glare, and radiation protects eyes, making it safer and more comfortable to scribble for long periods of time. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as writing and painting. The 8.5-inch size of the drawing board makes it portable. And the writing tablet is built of environmentally friendly materials, making it suitable for use at school and at home.

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Audiobooks are a fun and educational method to give your children some of the best features of screen time while removing some of the screen time qualities that we as parents don’t like. Additionally, audiobooks are a great parenting tool (think distraction, inspiration, and always-available non-screen-time entertainment!) as well as a fun activity for the whole family to do together.

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It’s simple to discover enjoyable things to replace screen time. It’s also neither time nor money consuming. Play Dough, a cherished childhood classic, is one of my all-time favourites. Play Dough is a terrific way to keep your little one occupied and independent if you’re in the habit of encouraging screen time while you’re working. Playing with playdough is not only entertaining, but it also helps kids develop fine motor skills and creativity.

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Read Together

Another alternative to screen time can be reading together. If you have a toddler at home, get these board books for him. Even while you are working, hand over this set of books to your kid, and he will enjoy seeing it alone. This is a fantastic box set of ten board books that will help your toddler learn basic concepts and familiar items. It’s a terrific learning aid for children aged 0-3 years, with well-researched photos and correct labels. It aids in the development of English vocabulary and helps children prepare for school.

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Final Words

Instead of making the kids sit in front of screens, we can put some effort into bringing out their hidden talent and creativity. Moreover, we can encourage them to watch such videos, which can help in the development of their skills rather than wasting their time and energy, which will eventually handicap them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Here’s how much screen time should parents allow their children, as per doctors.

Zainab Tinwala
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  2. Very much true in this time period when kids were at home for almost 2yrs n no school time, no friends, no activities.

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  3. Very much true in this time period when kids were at home for almost 2yrs n no school time, no friends, no activities.

    Nice blog… Vrry much informative.

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