Do you regret after scolding your child?

Yes, I regret it a lot. Because sometimes, out of frustration and tiredness, I scold my seven months old son. But later on, I regret and wish that I could go back to the same time or situation and manage it patiently.

We read many articles or blogs about not scolding your child ever or saying NO to them, and many of us decide that next time, we would not scold our child. But is it really possible to stick to that decision?

Frankly, for me, it is not. Because every time I scold my child, immediately after that, I remind myself that I did wrong. I don’t know how to stay calm and patient in such situations when your kid is naughty and you are hell tired.

But, now, after understanding more and more about child care, I came up with a solution on how you can control yourself about scolding your child. And here I am going to share what I do when my kid is naughty.

Before sharing the tips, I would share what kind of naughtiness he does. Usually, he puts everything in the mouth like footwears, mobiles, phone chargers, etc. How should we stop them from doing that?

I have tried a few tips with him, and I found them very easy rather than scolding and then regretting.

Diverting their Mind

Whenever your child does anything that he/she should not do, just divert his mind. For example, if he puts non-eatable things in his mouth, immediately exchange that with eatable things like biscuits or anything you want him to eat.

You must have heard about W-sitting, the child sitting on his knees, be it with open thighs or joining them. Click here to know about w-sitting and why it is not a correct position to sit.

Whenever your child sits like that, Don’t say, ‘change your position’ or ‘don’t sit like that, go to them and change their position yourself and make them sit with any other comfortable position.

Never Ignore them

Sometimes, we tend to ignore the extremely naughty child because we are too tired that we don’t want ourselves to involve in child naughtiness. But this is very unfair and instead of ignoring them, play with them by singing, painting, reading, or merely talking because you are responsible for shaping your child’s spirit.

Talk with Love

Never think that your kid does not understand what scolding is- because they do understand by seeing your facial expressions. Instead of scolding and shouting, talk to them lovingly even if they do not know what you are saying because slowly and steadily, they will know what is right and what is wrong for them.

Hold them

If your kid is making any mischief, hold them and take them out for a while, which is beneficial in many ways; firstly, they will indulge in another thing, explore new things around them, & they will know the experience of relaxing into loving arms.

So these were the essential tips for taking care of your child when he is mischievous. Now, I don’t have to scold my kid ever because whenever there is any such situation, I follow the tips discussed above, and it is all sorted.

If you like this article, please like, share, and comment. And if you also scold your kid, just follow my tips at least once and see the change yourself.

Stay happy and always blessed and never regret anything. After all, you are the caregiver of your kid, and you have the right to take care of your child the way you want.


Namita Aggarwal

Not a regular blogger but loves to write whenever i find something interesting and cute.

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  1. Beautifully expressed..very informative ??

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