A Proud Mother Of My Boys

Hii.. this is my first post on social media, that too an article on my kids and my parenting!!!! What more can I expect!!!!

I have two teenage boys, elder one 17 yrs and younger one 13 years. Always have found them very obedient, following my guidance and instructions religiously, but often wondered what if they are left in the world to take decisions in my absence. Always some sort of fear n anxiety crept in on such ideas.

In this covid crisis, I and my whole family including my hubby, my parents, and my brother were tested COVID positive. But god’s grace, my kids(boys) were isolated from day one. But the biggest problem was how will they manage when all of us are isolated in our house itself.

We ordered food from one of our relatives. The big problem was solved. But the way these boys managed the chores of the house from morning till night, from washing their clothes, drying them and folding them to reheating the food before serving all of us, to keeping their toilets and bathroom clean. The way they both coordinated with each other about the sharing of their duties, as both were busy with their online classes and exams is really appreciable.

Otherwise, they were always fighting, arguing with each other when things were ok. These 20 days really made me feel low, as the rest of my family members along with me were going through a very tough phase, but at the same time was proud of my teenage boys and of course of my parenting success.

I rested assured that my kids are capable of taking care of not only themselves but have that inclination to serve others too, without a frown on their face. What more do I need in life.

Each difficulty faced in life comes out with wonderful results and gives us clarity about our existence and our ability to deal with the issues and rewards of course will be revealed at the end. It proved right in my life.

This is Vinutha Paniyadi…A proud mother of my boys, Tanmay Udupa and Siddhanth Udupa…. ❤️❤️?

Vinutha Paniyadi
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  1. That’s wonderful ?

  2. Very well expressed Vinutha,tough time lessons learnt remains for lifetime

    Certainly,Covid has taught pur kids many life skills that they otherwise were lacking suring those busy school days

  3. Kudos to ur children and it is a reflection on how you brought up your kids

    Carona has taught us many things and it has shown how matured are your children

  4. Good…

  5. Namaste nimma makkala bagge neevu barediddu odi Santoshvaaitu. Indina Internet yugadalli nimma gala. Haagu maneyannu maintain maadiddu khushiaaitu. Siddaanth, tanmayge olle bhavishyavide. I m very proud of your family. May god bless you all.

    • Thank you so much for ur support too..I’ll be always thankful …for the timely support and love showered on us?

  6. Life is always a journey of ups and downs, with challenging situations in front of us. It’s our preparedness and response to such situations, that gives us confidence and make us feel proud of passing it through. This is what makes us tough. Ofcourse, it also depends upon the upbringing.
    Happy to see your kids pass through this and emerging stronger. ???

  7. Reply Praveen Venkat Raj
    Praveen Venkat Raj May 21, 2021 at 6:16 pm

    Superb blog writeup, straight from the heart by a mother, without any corrections. “Tough times never last but tough people do” perfectly fits in here. ???

  8. Really you are proud mother.All the best.

  9. Story from a proud parent about their blessed kids. It all zeros on you n your husband’s upbringing. STAY BLESSED.

  10. That’s really great..
    Children’s learn more of your faith during hard times than they do during the good times.
    And our children’s are a reflection of us. If you want your child to be strong in character they have to first See it in you so that they can mirror it.

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