My motherhood journey began like most of the other moms.

My pregnancy was the most beautiful phase of my life. It’s more of feeling special, pretty, and pampered.

Right now, I am carrying the tiny human for which I have waited so long.

The immense happiness when you hold your baby for the first time can never be explained.

The initial two weeks were hard, with lots of confusion, pieces of advice, exhaustion, learning, and a bit scared.

But as time passes, I got to know my baby loves me the most; even I am not perfect in everything. I made mistakes but also learned from them so that I won’t repeat them.

Motherhood has grown me so much as in-person I have never imagined that. It was simply joyful despite being sleep-deprived.

I celebrated the things I have never knew would make me so happy one day.

I feel, No one is perfect here; we hustle every day to make the best for the baby. You are the superhero to that little human; what else matters, after all, a happy mom makes a happy child. ?

I am grateful and blessed to have a chance to raise my little man. I will keep trying not to be perfect but a good mother.?

Dr. Nisha Ojha
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  1. Nisha really liked to read your article you have expressed your true feeling of being a mother I liked that sentence the most happy mothers make happy baby

  2. such a heart-warming article.. kudos to moms like you.. you inspire us everyday!! ❤️❤️

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