Parenting: A Lifelong Worship

Parenting, A Worship! Before knowing how to become a good parent and what all to do for good parenting, we must know the real meaning of “parenting”. Then the answer of “HOW” will become very easy.

I believe and hope that many of us as a parent will also agree that parenting is not a task or a challenge to fulfill; it’s lifelong worship that you do “with your child” and “for your child.”

As parenting never has an end, it starts right after the first cry of the baby till that child becomes a parent and even after that. Your child will remain your child, and he/she will need you at every stage of their life, and so will you.

So, for this, good and successful parenting is needed for sure. Yes, “A successful parenting” because your parenting may fail if you do not work for it wholeheartedly. At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned that it’s not a task to fulfill, it is worship, and it must be done with complete devotion and sincerity.

Now, certain questions arise in our minds.

Q1. How is parenting lifelong worship?
Q2. What is successful parenting?
Q3. How can we make our parenting successful?
Q4. How can we analyze that we are on the right track? Are there any set parameters?
Q5. Different parenting for different age groups is needed. What are the tips, and how is it done?

Yes, it’s truly quoted that “children are the best gift given to you by God.”

It’s a blessing from heaven showered upon you and more precious than any other thing in the world. Many people pray for this blessing day and night and long for it. Here are some Innovative & Indoor DIY Activities For Toddlers you must check.

Firstly, we should understand the value of this blessing. Once we consider it invaluable, we will eventually understand that parenting is worship, and we must do it with sincerity and full devotion.

Our utmost responsibility is to take great care of this blessing and make them better human beings and not a mini version of you and your deflated dreams and hope.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.”

Hope my blog proves useful to you. Would love to get your feedback and suggestions along with your appreciation, as appreciation is a gear for motivation. Also read here the unexpected ways children change their parents.

Fatima Hussain
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