My Triplets

My talking started with them when they were in my womb. It was really hard for me to push each day because I was a mama for triplets ?moms of triplets will have more intense symptoms throughout pregnancy and it’s more likely to feel exhausted all the time but believe me, my communication with them made me more strong. I was literally tired all day and night, waist down itchy body, swollen legs, hands, fingers, a big tummy and water retention particularly in ankles was so painful. When the doctor ordered me to go on bed rest at the fifth month I was literally scared of many things,but their movements quicks hiccups made me just go on to get two-way communication just in the form of true acknowledgment ?

Although talking to them during my pregnancy helped me to feel closer and more positive.

A mother’s thoughts, feelings, love, care, and emotions are all channeled through to her unborn baby.

As soon as you hold your baby after birth, you’ll begin to communicate with each other face to face and by exchanging your first glances, sounds, and touches. Whenever we talk to our baby we feel that it’s just a one-sided communication, to begin with, because they don’t respond or reply. But actually, it’s not they even communicate with us with Even though baby doesn’t understand what you’re saying, but definitely feel your love, calm, reassuring voice warmth and it’s all conveys safety.

?eye contact ?

?actions ?

?crying ?

?listening ?

?smile ?

?laugh ?



?boredom ?

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