My Real Journey – How I Saved My Toddler From This Virus

Dear Mommies over there,

As we are 3 in number in our home.My husband, Myself and My Toddler of 3 years name bhavith.Firstly my husband got covid positive and we tested both negative in rtpcr test.

He got isolated for about for about 2 weeks and I have taken care of him.By the end of his isolation period of second week I got symptoms of cold without sneezing, dry cough and I am completely stressed handling baby as well as my husband.I have full weakness and I didn’t noticed to check temperature and I keep on doing work for the whole day taking care of my child as well as my husband.After I had bath after 10:30 pm at night and I noticed that I have 103 temperature.
Then I started noticed that yes I have positive my husband is in isolation.

There is no one at that time to take care of baby. what about my child, many questions raised in my mind and feeling unhealthy and tensed that my child can’t able to understand so I kept mask and my child didn’t sleep till I slept with him.when he slept I didn’t get enough sleep keep on coughing thinking only about my child what happens if he gets affected!But that whole single night without anybody at home I am full of stress and tension thinking of my child.The very next day I was tested positive and got isolated.My mother-in-law came and she taken care of myself and my husband.

The luckiest thing is my child didn’t get affected and he is fine so we thought sending him to my mother’s house.Till now i didn’t even left him 1 day also? and in my first 3 days of isolation I felt sad as many times I remembered my child and I didn’t even make a video call to him bcoz whenever my child see us in video call he became dull.Bcoz he is not habituated to stay single at my mom’s home.everyone I will take him and drop or we both will be there.That was the very tough time for me.

But later on I realised and make myself motivated first I have to get out of covid and waiting to see him very eagerly.Unfortunately I got post covid infection and again I stayed for about 30 days in the room itself.I didn’t even not there on his birthday.

If you have kids don’t worry don’t panic make yourself self-motivated my dear Mommies.If there is no one at your home to take care of baby wash your hands frequently and feed to your baby.wear double mask and face protecting shield on the entire day when you are with baby.The best thing is if possible for you just send him to your mom’s or mother in law’s home.consult your doctor and take proper advice about your baby.If there are symptoms then go for a test to your child otherwise he is fine.This is my real story.Apart from taking medicines please be strong my dear Mommies so that it will fight and help your immunity system to get back to normal. Prevention is better than cure. Stay happy healthy and safe.

Divya Lakshmi
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