My First Born

Your twinkling eyes reflect the beauty the world has,

Your innocent smiles made me fall in love once again,

Your giggles gave moments to laugh,

Your coo’s got me on cloud nine,

Your naughtiness always took me on a fun ride,

My baby, I will never be able to pen down my love for you !!

Somehow feeling emotional about how quickly this little bundle of my happiness is growing.

Learning from my boy

As we grow, our thoughts, mindsets, beliefs..all change based on the environment we live in. Our personality is more or less the outcome of our learning, and it consistently evolves.

Today I feel we just need to unlearn. Unlearn most of our thoughts, self-appointed reminders, and sometimes just the “undiscovered self”! And as I moved with my Mamma life, I realized I had so much to imbibe from a tiny soul, from my little boy to cherish this life.

Small Happiness: I want to revive back into the small wonders which life has given me.

True Love: None can beat true love, which kids can always boast of. They don’t know who a poor is; they don’t know who an enemy is. What they know is love beyond discrimination.

Creativity: It seems growing up is indirectly proportional to creativity. Suppose..leave kids with minimalistic resources and then just look at their imaginations. This is what I wish to revive back, to let free the strings of the neurons and allow them to shuffle, kick and grind harder than ever.

Trust and Optimism: I learned from my son that..not to conclude anything and never put a person in the frame. There is a reason behind every action, and why not take that optimistically.

Be careful at times: I know most of us to wish to have a decent, sincere, studious child, but what if that naughtiness of a child gets buried so early? We smile, laugh due to those naughty eyes. Kids love being carefree, and that’s what we as adults should practice sometimes.

Due to our responsibilities, we are loaded with ample of “Do this and not that.” It’s completely OKAY not to get up early one day to fulfill those set of responsibilities..and just feel the happiness in that carefree attitude.

Sharmila Yellapu

Sharmila Yellapu

I am a Stay-at-home mom. Mommy of two naughty boys. Plant lover, loves to cook for my family and above all I just like exploring new things, hobbies and writing is one thing which I actually love. And I want everyone to join me on this new journey of mine??

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