Must-Have Baby Products, Before Your Little One, Turns ONE!

Motherhood is described as a rebirth by most mothers. It is truly a unique experience for a woman which cannot be easily put into words. The first year of your baby’s growth is very crucial as it helps in the overall development of the newborn. The initial months can be confusing and stressful for both mother and child. For me, the first year of my baby’s growth was a critical period for learning for my husband and me. This period could be overwhelming or demanding at times. Hence, I suggest you look at the list of MUST-HAVE PRODUCTS BEFORE YOUR BABY TURNS ONE!


According to our Indian beliefs, the cradle is a must-have product for a newborn as it relaxes the baby and helps them sleep well. Cradles can be used right from the baby’s birth until they turn 18months old. It is also said that the cradle helps in the overall development of a newborn as it helps them calm down and have a good sleep.

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Baby Wrapper

This also is one of the must-have baby products before your baby turns one. A soft and comfortable baby swaddle makes the baby feel warm and secure. There are a variety of readymade baby swaddles that are easy to carry, comfortable, and soft while travelling. You can use these in the initial months, or until the baby starts rolling or crawling, then you can switch to a Baby carrier.

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Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a convenient way to carry your baby while travelling, shopping, etc. A comfy and lightweight carrier will help you multitask and spend time with your baby with ease and comfort. It makes the baby feel safe and secure and allows you to have extra snuggle time with your little one. Especially if you are a new mommy, a baby carrier will ease your difficulty and make you feel comfortable. You can opt for a front baby carrier or a back baby carrier as per your choice. Most of the carriers available online are lightweight and comfortable. It is a must-have product before your baby turns one.

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Cloth Nappies

Another must-have product for your newborn baby is cloth nappies. It is an excellent choice as it is reusable, comfortable, and chemical-free. While disposable diapers can cause rashes and other infections, cloth nappies are meant to be skin-friendly and comfortable. This will also save you a lot of money than parents who usually spend on buying disposable diapers. 

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Baby Soaps, Oil & Creams

A wide range of brands caters to baby products like soap, oil, creams, toothpaste, etc. However, make sure that the ingredients used in the products are 100% natural and chemical-free. Also, track if your baby is allergic to any specific product. Avoid using regular soaps, oils, creams, etc. They are harsh on the baby’s skin and might cause infections. Here, you can check the reviews of Sebamed Baby Lotion, shared by a mother herself.

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Dry Sheet

Newborn babies tend to wet themselves frequently while asleep; thats when a dry sheet comes to rescue and it becomes one of the must-have baby products. It keeps the baby dry and prevents the sheets from getting wet. Also, it would provide sound sleep to both mother and child.

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Breast Pump

For working mothers who have to stay away for longer hours from their babies, Breast pumps would help to store your breast milk and are ready to consume even when you are away. You can store the pumped milk in the refrigerator before leaving for work. The nutritional value of pumped milk is as equal as that while breastfeeding. There are various pumps available online, but it is better to consult your pediatrician before buying one. Make sure you clean and sanitize the pump well.

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Sleep Suits

Full-length sleepsuits are the best choice, and you must have these for your baby while sleeping as your baby turns 4 to 6months old and starts kicking out the blanket. That’s when sleepsuits will be helpful as your baby will be fully covered and warm. It also provides space for babies to move their hands and legs while asleep. Also, there is no need for any additional clothing like socks, pajamas, blanket as the baby is covered from head to toe in one piece of clothing.

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A Musical Toy

Any musical toy will help develop your baby’s initial developing skills listening, holding, etc. They will start recognizing the sound of their toy and will respond to it. Also, they will try to get hold of the toy once they get familiar with it. This will create a bond with the toy and help comfort your baby while crying.

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Baby Milk Bottle

A good quality milk bottle helps feed the baby throughout the day if you are not comfortable breastfeeding for any reason. Also, it is travel-friendly so that your baby doesn’t miss his feeding. Once the baby is used to feeding with a milk bottle, it can ease your workload as any family member or partner can do bottle feeding.

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A teether would be a lifesaver, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom. Babies tend to bite while nursing during the initial stages of teething. A teether will help in soothing the baby’s gums and provide comfort. This is a must-have product before your baby turns ONE.

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Cotton Bibs

Once your baby starts having solid food, that’s when you will be in utmost need of bibs. Bibs will prevent the baby’s clothes from spoiling and ultimately reduce your work cleaning. There are a variety of bibs available online, like cotton bibs, silicone bibs, etc. Again, you can choose as per your convenience and budget.

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So, these were the list of must-have products before your baby turns one. Hope this will help you and your little one enjoy the first year. And, don’t forget to check this amazing blog on the science of healthy baby sleep.

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