Me Sometimes Away From Frustration : Mujhe Haq Hai??

My life, My reflection: Me sometimes away from frustration ?

So what exactly is considered ‘me time’? Me time is making some time just for you. Not couple time, or time with the kids, just some relaxing or enjoyable time for YOU. This can be as little as a five minute break☕, to a whole mini vacation just in one’s own company, which usually we ladies are not made for?.

Sometimes there is a need or a desperate desire to go on our own, just like doing it my way . I am not angry, I am not lost, instead I am just charging up my batteries.�

I, mother of two ..and wife of one?
Think, deserving fun ?
Is my right for sure and done?
Why do we woman…???
Stuck our life, in the run??
We are also human??
With live strength and emotion?
It’s ok ladies, to be undone ?
To be messy, to be stubborn ???
At times to be selfish, to be a naughty bun??
To be silly and pamper the child with in your stupid मन??.
………..chalta hai???


Yes that’s it ladies. I ,a housewife and a mother of two, believe that spending a little time for ourselves is not cheating on part of our families. I once a week take a whole day (Saturday, most probably) for myself. I run after my passion on my off day , my passion for writing , reading take the foremost place. Then since early morning I refresh myself with music beats , dancing silly here and there,full masti mode on ho jata hai har Saturday ??. My kids say “Saturday ko hamari mummy badal jaatiii hai”.

Patidev is like aaj order kr lete hai .. chill babes but don’t kill??

Saturday s I m the Don in the town ????… Aag laga denge aag…my tagline… then love completing my awaited write ups, lill couplets and recharge my batteries for the whole week and this week to I did some mischief too and then the resulting drink was ?? awesome and twosome ??.

Full on dhamaal..

This little change in my schedule leaves me refreshed and I am ready to have a face off with my life again . Otherwise bhai itni hustle bustle mein main to mad hi ho jaungi. Kyunki zindagi beshak jhand vs, phir bhi hume ghamandva , all shukriya to my bachva to understand my need to relax sach ma.???.

Ritu Goel
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