An Incredible Moment

Being a single mom has been an amazing journey for me. I have had the most splendid time with my son and would like to add that he has always been a strength to me. I remember one of such memories from his childhood and would love to share it with you. At that time, he was just 3 years old and was lying down on my lap while listening to a bedtime story. Suddenly I felt something fell on my shoulder from the wall, assuming it was a lizard. I screamed on top of my voice to realize that it was just a string of light hung by the photo frame on the wall.

My little munchkin asked me, “Maa, what is it, and why did you scream?” I explained to him what I felt and my reason for getting scared. He got up from my lap and looked right into my eyes, and said, “Why did you even get scared? When I am right here for you.” It was an extremely emotional and happy moment for me to hear this from my 3 years old angel. Every time I think of this incident, it brings a huge smile to my lips. These children are truly our strength if we raise them like one.

Rinita Poojari
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  1. So true,beautifully penned,my beautiful !

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