Momming Ain’t Easy

Momming isn’t an easy thing. Most of them go through crucial situations and pressures from different sides, and momming through all this with flying colors is godly, in my opinion. Today, there are young mommas worldwide, creating and achieving wonders even at this tuff phase. They are women entrepreneurs, start-up owners, therapists, educationists, artists; you name it, they’ve bagged it. And we ought to give them all the credits for their perseverance and hard work to offer for this world, for the life that this world has given them.

With this backdrop, stories from these mommies can be all exciting and inspiring. The sacrifices they make, the decisions they take, the pains they withstand, and that too, bearing everything and handling with the least they have. Kudos! Parenting is different things for different momma’s, but the root is the same. Endless and unconditional Love.

First days of momming bring back memories of our one and only momma’s and all the things we as children once put before them to deal with. It is, in fact, a plethora of emotions. Memories and thoughts flood tremendously. And then comes the challenging questions about everything that mommas can be.

Days aren’t like before, where kids played on streets and an ice cream cost in few single digit rupees. Raising children is all the more challenging, for the influences are aplenty. One can never say which route the child takes. But it is upon moms, dads, and grandparents’ shoulders to give them strong basics, be it values, education, anything. Children learn from imitation, and we ought to be their best examples. Promote peace, kindness, strength, grace, simplicity, and the right to be the pure spirit that they are destined to be.

It is time to get aware. A child brings with it not just new hope, new experiences, new challenges, and responsibilities but also a new meaning to redefine life. Break the stereotypes of society. Be the pure self. Embrace and shine with your true beauty.

Comparisons and compulsions haven’t given the best results in any realm. Most often, they are discouraging and demeaning. But people fear to praise or acknowledge a person who devotes to the family despite their own challenges. And during the worst-case scenarios, even at the most crucial phase, there lacks a hand that lifts one and gives courage.

But life should move on, and things are forgotten, only to be remembered after the time has passed. Today, there are many messages to enlighten the minds through social media and short films, movies, art, and theatre.

Families are beginning to appreciate the work of young parents and lend a helping hand as emotional and intellectual support. Owing to the swift changing trends, it becomes downright important to save our culture, values, traditions while incorporating the means offered amidst today’s challenges.

We see circuses and adventure shows, but these are real-life mental adventures this generation is bound to overcome and survive. The future lies in our hands as parents. And so does the responsibility of raising peaceful, balanced, worthy, and magical children who make this world a better place to live in. Yes. We need to help ourselves become magical parents so that the children will imitate and dream of using their true potentials to the fullest, all the strength and inspiration coming from the parents!

Let’s all make a change together. Spend some real time with children, giving them happiness, joy, peace, confidence, power, decision, excitement, adventure, Love, respect, responsibility, and everything they are destined to receive from their dear loving parents. It is not only a mere age-old saying that children are equivalent to God. If they believe, they can make that happen with their sheer potentials and miracles. So become their Faith, Trust, and belief. Remind them of their true potentials. Create the best for everyone!

Monisha Vishwanath
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