Twice the Joy, Twice the Love; Twice the Blessings from Above

Becoming a mother for the first time is blissful for every woman and was the same with me. I was even more blessed to have twins. Actually, mine was not a planned pregnancy, but you see, surprises are the best part of your life. It’s challenging to handle twins, but the memories you make with them will always be cherished.

One such memory for me is when both my kids were finally home from NICU after a month. As they weighed only 1.3 kg each and only I was allowed to touch my kids and do everything, the 1st night was a nightmare for me. If I remember, in 48 hours of them coming home, I guess I slept for only 6 to 8 hours.

My munchkins had to be given medicines every two hours. I made a timetable of medicines given with specific timing and literally had an alarm every 2 hours. One more thing which was difficult for me was feeding both. My kids never took breastfeed. I had to pump my milk and keep the bottles in the fridge as I was told by doctors that I needed to feed them in specific (ml). They were in tube and bottle feed from the very 1st day of their birth. So they never knew what breastfeeding is.

I tried to feed them a lot of times, but they never knew how to suck. I used to prepare 2 bottles and feed them together so that their sleep, hunger, and wake-up timings are the same. For 1st 2 months, it was 20ml every 2 hours, and eventually, it increased from 20 to 30, then 40ml, and so on every month. After 4 months of my delivery, one fine day, my milk stopped coming suddenly, and that’s when my kids were completely on powder milk. As I used to get up every 2 hr, I made sure even before my kids got up due to hunger, I used to feed them together while they were asleep, and that was one of the best things I did with my kids as even they used to get a proper good continues sleep of at least 4 to 5 hrs.

And those sleepless nights of mine helped me in the long run as by the age of 1 year, both my kids used to sleep a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hrs. A continuous 4 hours of sleep was a gift given to me from my husband every day as he had to manage both kids and me and his office. I was very thankful to him for taking care of everything for that time. We need to take care of every little thing from the very 1st day of our child’s birth.

There were many such little things that helped me in handling my twins. Always remember, you might feel difficult to handle your child when they are young, but as said by our ancestors, a child for sure starts learning from the time when they are in our womb and even more from the very 1st day of their birth. So please enjoy the blessing which comes in the form of your child!

Prashansa Gupta
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