Motherhood – A Learning From The Kids

I am a full-time mom of two. One is 6 years old now, and one is almost 35 years (we are a happily married couple). Surprised why I said the mom of two? I said so because I still have to behave like a mom for my hubby as he is a stubborn baby who wants to eat anything and play games and fight with my 6 yo like his sibling.

So moving on to the instance I wanted to share. It was about 3.5 years back, it was mid of summers, and I was running through my house with my in-laws. There was a marriage invitation from one of our relatives based at Meerut, where my mom-in-law and father-in-law were going the very next day.

In the evening, suddenly, I decided to go along with my mom-in-law the next day to attend the same. Since I am little continuous about attending any function with myself being tidy, arms waxed, eyebrows neatly done, I rushed to the parlor, which is just downstairs. My nearly 3 years old son insisted on going along with me. I tried to convince him but could not persuade him.

Later I thought that he would get bored there in some time and will come upstairs by himself. So I took him along with me. The parlor girl started doing my eyebrows and the waxing. My son was sitting comfortably on the head wash chair, and he was enjoying there like it was a playing station for him for that moment. His Chachu also came to bring him up, but he denied, which he generally doesn’t do. He again sat there, and in some 5 minutes, I can’t recall why; he actually run towards the entrance gate, and within no time, I had the greatest shock of my life.

My son, who ran towards the gate, fell off on the ground and tripped himself in the wires on the table, which had all the wax machines full of hot wax. Hot wax fell around my kid’s knee, and I was not in my senses to see that heart-aching view. I could not understand what to do. I started wiping the wax with my bare hands, which made it more painful for him as the skin started peeling off.

The parlor owner arranged the cold water and called my mom-in-law from upstairs. As she started pouring the cold water, my son was shouting like anything, and I cursed myself for bringing him there. The parlor lady pulled out his clothes and poured water all over where wax fell off. My mom-in-law took me upstairs, and brother in law took my son in his arms. My mom-in-law gave me a bucket of iced water to dip my hands in as I burnt myself, wiping the wax from his knee.

I was crying and crying. To my shock, my son started wiping my tears and saying, mom, don’t cry; I’ll be alright soon. You don’t cry. I can’t see you like this. It gave me all my courage to deal with the situation. My brother-in-law took my son to the nearby hospital in his arms only. Doctors started curing him, putting ice bags, putting on the bandages, etc. He was healed, but like his scars are still there on his knees, that time also left a mark on my mind. Sometimes kids show the kind of courage we all should have.

Kids are a great source of courage, and we all can learn from their bravery.

Anubha Maheshwari
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    Indeed motherhood means learning from kids☺

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