Motherhood Feels Heavenly With Khushi & Shaurya


      And Challenging,

   And Crazy,

   And Sleepless,

   And Giving,

And Still…………..Unbelievably BEAUTIFUL.

      ———–Rachel Martin———-

These beautifully carved words seem like pouring a mother’s heart out. These are just enough to understand parenting or motherhood.

HELLO! Friends and mommies. This is my first write-up, and I am not here to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I’m Ritu, a mother, Rather, a proud mother to two kids. My daughter is in 9th standard, and my son in 2nd grade. YESSSSS……..YOU guessed it right….a huge gap … a gap of 7 years between both…but that’s the almighty’s wish, I guess.

I was complete after 14 long years of my seemingly happily married life. I got married in 2001, and then lots of pressures, taunts on not being able to conceive, huge family tantrums, etc., left me shaken and at the same time broken. But by god’s grace, I was blessed with a ray of hope, a shower of happiness KHUSHI, in 2007, my heart .. my lifeline.. and then in 2014 again was blessed with the love of my life ….my sweetheart, my son, SHAURYA.. both my lifelines are my hope and promise of my life.

It feels amazing to see your heart hoping and popping around in the form of your kids. I am in love with that feeling,

MOTHERHOOD FEELS HEAVENLY. It’s the bliss of a lifetime.

Now we were able and had the power to ignore the bad mouths … MY HUBBY and I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK after the birth of our lifelines. REALLY it is a great feeling…A FEELING OF BEING COMPLETE…BEING A PARENT IS ACTUALLY DIVINE.

Being a parent is an emotion that stays there with you forever. It is just like the incense stick that gives light & long-lasting fragrance to your life, not like ice cream or chocolate that vanishes as soon as it is consumed. My kids gave me a reason to live, a reason to glow, a reason to shine, and a chance to relive my childhood, to replenish my own self. It seems as if I have time traveled 30 years back in life to make those mischiefs again.

But contrary to this nowadays, we see couples avoiding parenthood to follow their career and passions. Though everyone has his own choices and preferences and now a lifestyle, eating habits, relationship meaning everything has changed… I think one should plan wisely and on time. WE should understand that this is the need of the hour for us as the body stamina are day by day decreasing, & nowadays we see so many fertility clinics. Have we ever thought about why these are increasing day by day? I guess because our natural tendency to conceive is decreasing day by day. So I think that it is necessary to make the right decisions at the right time.

I believe that parenting makes your bond of love strong too. It acts as an immunity booster to your relationship, making it stronger every passing day. Motherhood is your reflection and also boosts your confidence level. This emotion makes you strong as a WOMAN and completes you as a PERSON. WOMAN is a powerful word, and that’s why it’s us who have blessed this the power of holding our reflection inside our body for nine months and believe me, the pain, the problems, the sufferings during that period is nothing in comparison to the feeling of motherhood. That feeling is really incomparable……HAPPY PARENTING……


‘Choo aayi aaj

Main vo khoya sa jahan

Jahan thi ek nanhi jaan

Bhoola diya tha jo apne wajood ka jahaan”

”E-nanhi pari

Tera ehsaas jo paya,

Khud ko khud se milne ka ehsaas jagaya

Milne ka sukoon aayaa”

”Tu choti hai, Phir Bhi Mera har dard samajhati hai”

”Nanhi si chidiya

Tera ehsaan rahega zinda sada

Tere hi roop mein paya hai maine

Umeedon ka jahan naya”

”Haan main bhi ek beti hi hoon

Par aaj hi ye jaanaa hai

Maa kya hoti, ye sach pehchaana hai”

”Aaj jitna sneh main maa se apni krti hoon,

Tere wajood se hi mere wajood ko apni maa ki pehchaan maanaa hai.”

Ritu Goel
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  1. Beautifully expressed. Each word is full of emotions. And your poem in last is heart touching

  2. Nicely written and well expressed

  3. So beautifully written, I feel i have reach in your life and seeing your every beautiful movement ?

  4. Wow ?? ?????

  5. Amazing ma’am

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