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Hi! Welcome to my blog; Momyhood. The journey of Momyhood started when I became a mother to Hitarth. I had ample of queries everyday and that is when I thought to create a gettogether platform and a comfort zone for mommies of any age so we all can answer each other queries and find a solution together.


So, here I am. As we raise the next generation of confident and compassionate children, my aim is to offer you all with trustworthy advice & a friendly community.


I try my best to include every mom and even dads’ advice as they all are welcomed here to share their experiences of parenting, their thoughts, and their own stories of life. 


”Today, Dads are no less than Moms in parenting.” And so is the picture of the DAD on your right.

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Namita Singla


About Me

I am a full-time mom and a part-time blogger. I love writing blogs on various niches from parenting to health to travel or anything of my interest.


When I am not running around my 3yo little world, you will find me sitting in front of the laptop; tapping fingers. 


I’m an engaged, perfectly imperfect parent and

a passionate blogger & reader (not books, but blogs on Internet).


”Motherhood is incredibly rewarding, but we all know it isn’t always simple—and it comes with a lot of questions. And I can say, I have answered many of those question in these 3 years of motherhood.”

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”Such insightful message that you have shared! Yes, it is very important that we teach kids at younger age in order for them to have confident and disciplined future!”

”That is beautiful write up. Loved the way you have put your thoughts. I am sure you will enjoy this roller coaster ride of parenthood and your little one will grow up to value the lessons you taught by action . Wishing you best always.”
Shwetha Shenoy

”It is a great article, very helpful to modern parents. And parents struggling and even going online for parenting tips.. (As i am😉) 

But still zainab, nyc initiative nd very elaborated article.. 👍great job.”

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