Mom’s Don’t Get Tired – They’re Super Heroes.

I usually get up early, even though I sleep really late. One Monday morning, I didn’t feel like getting up; I wanted to sleep some more time; I wanted to stay in bed and enjoy the cozy climate in my soft blanket. I wanted someone to make me some hot poha and masala tea with bread, toast or even a boiled egg would do, but soon my eyes were wide open, and I was on my toes. Yes !!! I realized I’m a mother. I had forgotten that for a few seconds.

It all starts in the morning. I always complain. Could the Sun not rise a little late? Could the clock not show the wrong time once? Why do moms always have to be on their toes? Their duties are never-ending, from cooking to cleaning to taking care of all the family members.

My kids are really naughty; when I say this, I mean it. Anyone who thinks kids are meant to be naughty needs to change their thought process. It isn’t easy… for a mom to manage everything, especially when you have two super-naughty, enthusiastic, and hyper kids.

You got me right! I’m talking about myself. I’m blessed to have two sons, though I wished I had a daughter I don’t regret as my sons are really a blessing. Both my sons are super cute but don’t go on their innocent faces; they are mini dynamites.
My elder one (11) always has anger on his nose, and the younger one (7) is very adamant. When both fight for no reason, trust me, no one can save them. Sibling fights are most common in my house. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see live WWF too. Being a referee is all I can do.

The demands are never-ending. One wants a hot milkshake another wants cheese bread toast.
One likes Scrambled egg, whereas the other makes faces seeing so.
One asking, “Mumma, where’s my writing pad? Another crying because he thinks I’ve hidden his Ipad.

The faces are worth watching when they are forced to eat Vegetable in lunch or dinner. I use innovative ways to feed them veggies. Off lately, I can’t cope up making different delicacies; that’s when they realize mom gets tired too.

From dawn to dusk, the time seems less for me. No No !!! It’s every mother’s story. She has to make sure her kids eat well and healthy. Feeding them nutritious is a task when junk is all on their mind.

They need to study well; otherwise, the mom is more worried, and the child is carefree. Submitting assignments are her priority.

She makes sure they play yet not hurt themselves. She has to even play with them and keep them entertained. Not to forget the tantrums when they want to watch their favorite TV show and you want them to sleep. There are so many sacrifices and, of course, dark eye circles behind that smile. She gracefully carries it through.

No matter what, She will stand up and make their favorite Pancakes and cookies despite a tiring day because that smile on their face is so satisfying. Though She’s having fever and her body is so weak that she can barely get up, yet she gathers some strength and sends them to school. We can’t forget her mood swings… she wants to lie down and read her favorite novel, but the little one wants to play with her. She smilingly plays, quitting her plan.

She wants to go to her best friend’s house, yet she sacrifices because she has to make her children study.

A mother is a mother, and none can be like her. Age is just a number; ask a 70 years old mom who waits patiently for her son to return from work so that she can have food with him. Isn’t it a beautiful bond? She doesn’t get tired because God has blessed them with a very special magic wand.

They are the real superheroes.

Zainab Dhorajiwala
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  1. Reply Durraiya Lokhandwala
    Durraiya Lokhandwala April 25, 2021 at 5:05 pm

    Wow Zainab very beautifully penned, loved it,could so relate to it

  2. Reply Munira calcuttawala
    Munira calcuttawala April 25, 2021 at 6:01 pm

    Wow zainab u r always amazing wen it comes to writing.excellent.

  3. Amazing write up… magic wands.. we have them and we so don’t actually use them for ourselves… love this… you always leave me asking for me to read from you….?

  4. I m not that story reader types..but wen it cums to zainab dhorajiwala I can’t stop to peep up in her realistic stories which has so much to tell n express her own life …which some how relates to some or the others life emotions ..heart touching to…well done zain ? beautifully written.

  5. Beautifully penned down Dear Zainab Dhorajiwala ??❤️??

  6. are amazing writer

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