Milestones Or Mind blocks

Motherhood comes way easier in books and videos than in reality. These are just guidelines, and we need to have our own mindset to come to the right decisions and conclusions accurately. Finally, it all falls in place.

My story talks about my worries as a mom whose son didn’t talk for the longest amongst his peers.

Directly coming to the final point, he started talking almost at 36 months; whoo, the wait was finally over.

Little B was a fun-loving child growing well with a few age-related tantrums, hues, and cries. He was one child who was self-programmed to eat, sleep play.

He enjoyed music and rhymes and would humm along. His laugh and giggles were contiguous. And we all were enjoying this phase very well as a family.

Soon he was learning the language of gestures to communicate. As a mother initially, I felt this is a good sign of his development, and soon he would blabber and make my world have words floating.

Ma pa da no poo and so on.

But the wait was getting longer.

He was almost 24 months, yet the sounds were fewer, and gestures were becoming better. I felt like he played ”dum charades” with us, and when we failed to understand his medium, he used to cry.

This was getting out of hand. I felt I lacked somewhere in giving him the right exposure to learning to talk. I spoke to people in the field, but everyone said maybe he is fine, and some children start talking late.

With high hopes of leaving on time, I waited for the right time to listen to Little B.

I enrolled him in playschool to get him into interaction with people and peers. He learned by absorbing more of what was taught, but still, expression from his end of communication was sign language.

The teachers were supportive. They said he is wonderful, but his medium to express his thoughts is different, and soon he will talk.

At school, it helped him at least to start talking a few words for his basic requirements. So I was feeling hopeful and happy.

And then we had the big day for the school interview.

The day he spoke like never before…
Elated by this, I thanked my stars.
I hugged Little B and said, ”you are awesome.”
He smiled back.

And to this day, there is no looking back.

Now we have to tell him, Little B, it’s time to rest your vocal cords.

So there are certain milestones that may take you by surprise; till then, Mind blocks keep your agony high.

From a mother who is worried because she was moulded in a hurry.

Hugs to all you awesome moms who are doing a fabulous job.

Fatema Kantawala
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  1. Written in simple but effective way

  2. Well written, Fatema. As moms we are programmed to worry about our child’s well-being and overall conformity to their environment. We sometimes forget that their individual pace is pre-programmed. I’ve made the mistake of pushing my son a bit too much but now that I’m wiser, I’ve stopped doing it. I’m glad your son is racing ahead on his vocabulary. Enjoy the terms of endearment and the embarrassments alike 🙂

  3. Thanks Farah… reading your comment makes me feel one normal mom.. thanks a bunch for dropping by

  4. Reply Zainab Dhorajiwala
    Zainab Dhorajiwala May 7, 2021 at 9:01 pm

    Fatema its brilliant. Very well written. One should not worry about child’s milestone. Every kid is different. Mother should enjoy the little achievements as and when they happen

  5. Yes you the talented person

  6. Thanks for reading

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