This Is How My Son Settled In His First School Within A Week – Make Goodbye’s Easier

Starting a school is a huge milestone for both parents & kids. And like every parent, I was also anxious to send my little one to school for the first time. We go through an emotional phase when we send them away from us to let them begin their new journey, even if the school is only for two hours.

On the very first day of school, we were at the reception while Hitarth was inside the classroom, and he came to the reception twice to check on us & to ensure we were there. The next day, I cried when we left him at school. And then, I sent a message to one Moms’ group on Whatsapp sharing my anxiety, but upon receiving a handful of replies on how they went through the same emotions and how the phase passed, I was relaxed. And I didn’t know then that my anxiety would soon convert to happiness because Hitarth settled very quickly than expected, almost within a week.

Tips To Encourage Your Kids For Their First School

So here I will be sharing very tips & ways I followed to help Hitarth feel comfortable and settle into preschool & even after changing to proper schooling (a different school from the previous one).

Keep Talking About School

Almost 10 days before starting school, I kept talking about it. I used to say, ”Hitarth, you know, you will be going to a school where many kids would be there, you will play, you will learn, eat with the kids, and much more activities & toys will be there to entertain you.” At that time, I did not know whether Hitarth was listening to me, but once he got settled, I could say, ”Yes, he heard me & understood.”

And then, on the first day, he was already excited to go to school. So keep talking about the school, the teachers, the kids & the activities; to prepare them beforehand.

Tell Them; Teachers Love Them

Thankfully, on the second day, Hitarth found a loving teacher who welcomed him affectionately & comforted him while he was crying & requesting us not to leave him at school. We sighed in relief seeing her love for Hitarth, and when he was back from school, we kept talking about that teacher with him and saying, see, Kulsum Ma’am loves you, and all the teachers there love you as we do.

He somehow understood & felt that truly, Kulsum Mam loved him, and from the next day onwards, he was all set to go to his Kulsum Mam. And we will always be thankful to her for loving our son so much & strengthening his foundation.

Let Them Select Their School Dress

Since it was a preschool, there was no school uniform. So I took his help in deciding what he wanted to wear for the day. Trust me; kids get excited knowing they will decide for themselves, and the same happened with Hitarth. He always suggested which shirt & jeans he wanted to wear for school and does the same today.

Take Help in Deciding the Lunch

Until today, Hitarth only tells me what he wants in his lunch & I prepare the same (obviously the healthier option because now he knows the menu). You must have heard or read somewhere that Parents should give their kids some freedom when choosing food. This is true because, as a parent, our role is to present healthy foods and let a child decide which ones to eat.

So this is what happens every day in my house also. I ask him daily about lunch; he tells me what he wants me to pack. If the choice is among the menu options, I prepare it; otherwise, I ask him to choose something else from the options I give him.

This Worked Wonders – Tell them to Love Other Kids

I wonder why and how Hitarth always have a soft corner for other kids (younger, same-age or elder kids). He loves kids so much that I have often heard from strangers that I should plan for another baby. Why? Because they have seen Hitarth’s love for their babies. No matter where we are, be it Malls, Airports, Local Shops, anywhere and everywhere, if he sees kids, he will start loving & pampering them. Trust me; I can create two more long blog posts of examples where Hitarth loved other babies & what we got to hear that time. Lol!

So this was it; we took advantage of his love for the kids. On the third or fourth day of school, we normally told him to love other kids & not let them cry for their parents. We told him if any kid or baby cries, you say, ”Baby, Your Mumma is here, don’t cry; your Mumma will come soon.” You won’t believe it; he did exactly the same.

And how did we know that? Because when we went to pick Hitarth up from school, his teacher (the school principal) told us that he loves & pampers other kids and keeps saying to them (the same thing we told him). Even in his new school now, we got to hear from his teacher in a PTM that he pampers other kids so much & he is so kind towards younger kids.

Want To Know More??

For now, I can only think of these tips as it has been more than 10 months since he started school. I hope these tips also help you all while you start yours as well as your kids’ new journey to their school. You can always DM me on Instagram if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

Namita Aggarwal

Namita Aggarwal

I am a full-time mom and a part-time blogger. When I am not running around my 2.5 yo little world, you will find me sitting in front of the laptop; tapping fingers. I’m an engaged, imperfect parent and a passionate reader (not books, but blogs on Internet).

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