Letter to my Six Months old

Today you have turned six months old, and I can’t believe that these six months have passed so fast as it seems you were born yesterday and still that delicate boy to hold, but no, you have become very strong in these six months that you can actually fight for things you want and shout like anything when your wish doesn’t fulfil. I remember every day of these months, and it will be the most memorable months of our life.

Your First Two Months

My first month was tough with you because you used to wake me up the whole night as every kid does to their mother. Though it was passed smoothly also because I was at your Nani’s place with almost seven people for your care and well being.

You used to make crying and smiling faces in your sleep, but we yearn for a smile when you are awake. And when you smiled, that was the most amazing and happiest moment of my life, and I still remember that day. Once you are big enough, you will come to know that your maasi has gifted you a photo frame where we need to put your pictures of every month till you turn one year, but you won’t believe, we had clicked your picture every single day till you were 1 or 2 months old.

You know what, your naanu and maamu used to scold me a lot as they thought I am not taking good care of you, but this doesn’t seem right; actually, they were extra possessive about you, so they felt like that. You are well aware that no mother can ever be careless about taking care of her kid and especially if the baby is like you extra sweet, cute and who does not cry when awake from sleep or who doesn’t let her mother gets tired in night. It is evident that every mother has to be awake at least 1st-month post-delivery and that happened with me too, but it didn’t continue for long as you started sleeping in nights almost after one and a half month of your birth.

I am blessed to have a baby like you. The two months of your life were passed very quickly as I was around the family members.

Your Third & Fourth Month

In the starting of your third month, you were the sole responsibility of your dad and me as no one was around us. Days passed with full of joy but one day, I remember, when you were about to fall from bed and seeing you like this got my heartbeat skipped a bit but moreover, I was shocked to hell that how you even reached to the corner of the bed as I dint saw you roll over till that day. But after that, I used to put pillows around the edges of the bed to save you from falling.

Slowly and steadily, you were getting bigger and stronger with a laugh and a big smile on your face and especially, when someone talks to you. You started making different faces according to the situations around you.

Then the day came when we had to leave Bathinda and move to Delhi, and I was anxious about how we will shift to a new home with a newborn, I was worried if I will be able to handle shifting along with you, but you know what, that happened too with much ease because of two reasons. One is your Divya maasi, and another is you darling because you never bothered me and you kept yourself busy by seeing your own little hands, smiling looking at us, playing by rolling over and sometimes watching your favourite mary & spanny rhymes.

You know you were an incredibly friendly little thing, gurgling and smiling at anyone who stops to say hello, and some who even don’t. You were always ready to greet, looking at every person irrespective of you know them or not.

Your Fifth Month

When you entered into your 5th month, you liked to bash and grab things and ram anything and everything (including my face, often) into your mouth. You will know very soon that we named you Hitarth and kept your nickname as Chiku and Harry, but we never called you or addressed you by these names, and we started calling you ‘Guggu’ and you also started to acknowledge us with the same name. 

We heard that some babies start crawling at 5 or 6 months of age, but in your case, you dint crawl and we thought (after hearing from many people) that some babies skip crawling and direct starts from walking, so we also thought that this would be happening in your case too. So we are not worried about your crawling much because you already started crawling using your tummy, not your knees and hands.

Your Sixth Month

As soon as you entered your sixth month, you started recognizing your dad, and you smile whenever he is back from office, and you also enjoy his company a lot, maybe he allows you to look at his mobile games, kidding. And you know, you’re as eager as ever to get moving whenever you’re held you bounce and stand. You’re frustrated when you can’t reach things and let out a yelp of irritation. You want to grab everything to put into your mouth.

You’re happiest on your front, kicking around and pulling yourself to negotiate your way across the room. I have heard from many mothers that I will be tired arranging your toys, but you know I never get tired arranging them after you throw them at different places, in fact, I love doing this for you, at least as of now, I don’t know what will happen further.

You are now Half a Year 

And, whenever I put you down to play on your back, you roll over and often twist yourself around like a baby compass and keep doing this for an hour or so. Your little legs never stop kicking, and you love it even when you’re sleeping. I love it when I call your name, and you wake up from your sleep very quickly without me touching you, and I am sure you will stop doing this as soon as you start going to school.

Sometimes, I want you to grow fast and speak and walk and run, but sometimes I feel when you are grown up, then we will be missing this time a lot. Since you have entered into your sixth month, we are experiencing a new milestone achieved almost every day, and we keep clicking your pictures and making videos of same.

I love to capture every moment of your life, and I will keep doing that. Now we will see what else you will start doing in the coming days and months and years. I remember so many moments to mention here, and I really want to, but I guess this is enough in this article, so here I am going to stop. At last, always stay blessed and keep entertaining us by staying around us still.

We love you, Baby. Thank you for entertaining us with your toothless grins, squeaks and kicking legs.

Love from,

Namita Aggarwal

Namita Aggarwal

I am a full-time mom and a part-time blogger. When I am not running around my 2.5 yo little world, you will find me sitting in front of the laptop; tapping fingers. I’m an engaged, imperfect parent and a passionate reader (not books, but blogs on Internet).

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