Letter to My 1 year old Son

Here comes another half year of your life as you have completed one year of it giving and receiving so much of love and blessings.

Each day of your first six months is unforgettable and precious, whereas the journey of the next six months was quite exciting as we watched many of your milestones achieved.

So, In a continuation of my previous letter to you where I have shared your journey till your sixth month, here I am sharing my experiences seeing you grow up from your seventh month till you turned one year.


Your Seventh Month

The month of your first ever journeys with us to a wedding. We were so worried, thinking about how we would manage travelling with you in such cold weather since it was December. But to our surprise, you never bothered us in the whole journey, but YES, other passengers may have got irritated with your shouting since you shouted very much out of the excitement.

In those two-three days of the wedding, you were so calm and sweet that we did not realise that we are not at our home but somewhere else. Because of this easy-going nature that you have, one of our friends said he wish to adopt you (obviously, he was kidding) but seriously, who would not want to have a kid like you. Why I am saying, you are a calm kid, because you can actually sleep in anyone’s arms peacefully without needing your mother’s touch. I am not bragging, but honestly, you were, and you are that kind of kid only. Touchwood!

You’re easy-going, so happy and continuously smiling kid.

Like in your sixth month, I was a bit worried (not much for sure) about you of not crawling, though I was thinking that you will skip this part and directly starts walking, but, sometimes, I wanted to see you crawl as well. Some days passed, and we don’t know what came into your mind, or maybe you preferred to fulfil our wish, you surprised us by crawling as soon as you entered into your seventh month. Not only crawling, you wanted to stand and too without our support but darling; “Abhi aap itttuu se ho and you can’t stand”, to ruk jao.!

Your Eighth Month – Your First Words

They say the most magical day of women’s life is when she becomes Mom. True! But you know, mine is like every day is magical after your birth and the day which melt my heart when I heard “Mama” for the first time. You know I had mixed emotions that time; Love, Confusion, Warmth, Sadness, Hope, Fear. If I start explaining why I had such feelings, it would be very long to write and for you to read. So you simply come to me and ask as now you can talk and understand everything since you are reading this letter from your Mom.

And you know your Dad and I were used to fighting on this that who you call first. But see, you love me the most, so you said ” Mama.” [Don’t get disappointed Dad] After five to six days, I guess, you started saying “Papa” too.

It seemed like you had the only aim, and that is “Standing”, so as soon as you entered your eighth month, you started standing easily for long without any support. You loved standing and throwing your toys out of the toy box or whatever they were in. You were so fond of standing that you never ate your food sitting and always ate anything only in your standing mode.

And this was the month when you started understanding that we are taking you to bath and the happiness and excitement on your face that time is hard to explain. You also began to fight for your food, and you started making different sounds and enjoying with them.

Though there are so many memories left to mention here, but I can’t, so let’s move to your next month.

Your Ninth Month – Your First Step

So, in February, you visited Goa. Your parents visited for the first time at the age of 28, and you are only nine months. See how exciting and thrilling your parents are! LOL.

You know, before our journey, I googled a lot about first air journey with your infant and was fearing a lot that how would I manage your ear pressure and anything about the trip. But surprisingly, you enjoyed every single moment of that six-day journey, and we have been able to happily completed our trip, including the flight journey.

And this was also the month when we watched more of your naughtiness, and many of the milestones achieved. We were on cloud nine seeing you copy your dad when he acts of coughing or yawning or whatever sounds he made.

The best thing you did in this month was that you stopped peeing in the bed, though you were wetting your pants, however, whenever you had to pee, you started getting down from the mattress or whatever you are on and always peed on the floor. (Frankly speaking, we did not teach you this, so we were more surprised to see this initiative by your wish)

And here comes the day, when you took your first step, and we were mesmerised to see you walking on your own, but only ten-twelve steps at once.

Your Tenth Month

Finally, you took more steps and can start walking entirely on your own. You are so fond of walking that you actually try to run to catch your Mumma or Papa. You love playing “TAG” (Pakdam-Pakdai) with us. Apart from Tag, we saw you playing football very excitingly as you throw it just like we elders do; and I used to get jealous sometimes because you always played with your dada only.

Do you know when you enjoyed my company the most? It’s when I am doing laundry because like every other kid, you also love playing in/with the water. And one day, I was amazed to see that you recognise your clothes and you put in the washing machine yourself.

One day you surprised us by arguing with your Dad (when he scolded you) and that too in your own language which nobody could understand. Lol. Later on, we realised that you always wanted to make us shut when we scolded you and also when we fought with each other. You kept shouting and shouting until we stopped.

So this was how your ten months got passed, and we were desperately waiting for your 11-month journey.

Your Eleventh Month

I think you should know what our world is going through now. It is Covid-19 or Coronavirus; a Virus which is killing people all over the world. And we are all locked up in our homes to save ourselves from this virus. The time when you will be reading this, you must be aware of the situation here in the year 2020.

As I said, we all are in our homes, so you have not stepped out of our society since March 2020, so you are so eager to walk out of the house whenever you get an opportunity.

And whenever we take you out for some fresh air or just one round of our society, you are so excited that you reach to the gate very quickly without holding our hands. But it’s really hard to take you back home as we literally had to pull you hard or sometimes carry you to come back easily.

The thing I love the most is when you hug me when I pretend to cry. As soon as I start to cry, you first try to console me by putting your hands on my shoulders, and if I don’t stop, then you hug me. WOW! The most amazing moment.

And you know you are too naughty that whenever I scold you (be it real or fake), you look at your dad and acts to cry (always fake, LOL) and that too after he says, “Kya hua guggu Mumma ne daanta.” See how nautanki you are.

Last but not least, the best thing about all these months was “Your Laugh” which was constant and the most amazing one.

First Birthday on your Way

There are a few days left on your first birthday, June 06, and we are waiting for the day desperately. And I wanted to complete this letter before your first birthday. So here I have completed it on 30th May 2020.

You know it’s been the best year watching you grow up before my eyes, from rolling over to sitting to crawling to standing to walk to running. And soon, we will be seeing you talking 24 hours.

After having you, our world has completely changed, and you have made us a better person altogether.

I am really sorry if I am not a good mother, but I am trying my best to be the best one. I love you more today than yesterday, and I know, I love you less than I will love you tomorrow.

Now, I cannot wait for the day when you will read both the letters and realise how lovely kid you were.

You are the biggest blessing in our life, baby.


Namita Aggarwal

Namita Aggarwal

I'm a devoted full-time mom and part-time blogger, passionate about nurturing my 4-year-old and expressing myself through writing. Amidst the whirlwind of motherhood, I steal moments to immerse myself in the world of words and ideas. Through my blog and online communities, I find solace, knowledge, and connection with fellow parents. Balancing caregiving and writing fuels my growth and brings fulfillment. As a reader, I value the power of shared experiences and wisdom found in blogs. Let's embark on this digital journey together, celebrating the joys and navigating the challenges of parenthood.

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