My Experience On Using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo For My Babies

When it comes to her kids, a mother doesn’t take a chance. She wants the best for her child, whether it’s the clothing, accessories, sanitary items, or baby care products. A mother is skeptical about using anything without actually trying it, but I didn’t think once before using Johnson & Johnson products. Here, I am sharing my experience and reviews for Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

My first child was born in 2010, and I chose Johnson products for him. It started with Johnson baby soap and shampoo, followed by their various other range. Believe me, I was delighted with it. To date, I’m using it for both my kids, Despite them being 7 and 12.

Why Johnson’s Baby Shampoo?

I am in love with the shampoo as it’s extremely soft and delicate on the hair. It cleanses the baby’s hair and is extremely gentle on the scalp. It’s a tear-free shampoo, so both Mumma and baby are happy. Its fragrance is very mild and soothing for babies. It makes the hair smooth and shiny. I monitored it for a month and found absolutely no side effects on my baby’s delicate skin. I was delighted with the product.

johnson's baby shampoo

Moreover, this tear-free Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is hypoallergenic, pediatrician tested, and free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and dies. What else does a mother want? My baby has never refused to bathe simply because he enjoys the no more tears shampoo. Initially, my little one would ask, stammering in his sweet voice,” Mumma, this won’t hurt my eyes, naa”? To which I happily replied, “No beta, Mumma wants the best for you. This shampoo won’t hurt your eyes”.

The bottle comes in various sizes, which made it easier for me to carry for vacations too. I would carry the 50ml bottle for traveling and used the 500ml, which would last approximately 1-2 months for my two kids. Once I tried using it out of curiosity for myself and was extremely happy with the results. It is extremely mild and delicate; hence it had a wonderful effect on my hair. My hair becomes soft, and my otherwise dry hair felt moisturized. I was glad I tried; at least I was content I was using the right product for my kids.

The Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is not very expensive and quite pocket-friendly.

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I Did Try Another Shampoo

As my child started growing, I tried another shampoo simply because it was gifted to me. Not that I wasn’t happy with the johnson shampoo, but I just wanted to try and check the difference. Believe me; I was extremely disappointed and guilty for trying it on my child. I could immediately point out the difference. First and foremost, it hurt his delicate eyes. Secondly, it made my child’s hair rough and dry.

I promised never to use or try any other product because this had suited him well. We often hear negatives and positives from friends, family, relatives, especially about the baby care product. Everyone’s views will differ. In fact, some would even argue that the product they are using is the best and the one you’re using is not good and up to the mark, but I would suggest using the product that suits your baby’s skin type. Always make sure you are happy with the product, its quality, and its effect on the baby.

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Final Words

I am thrilled with Johnson’s baby shampoo, and I use it religiously even today for both my kids. My kids love it. They enjoy their bath time with lots of bubbles and some fun time in the water. Overall I love johnson products. I have personally used Johnson soap, shampoo, baby lotion, top to toe, baby oil, johnson wipes, johnson baby powder, etc. I really wish to continue using these even after my children are little grown up. Definitely, I can vouch for it.

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