How I made my life Perfect after Baby

For the first two-three months after our baby is born, we kept answering these questions. How’s your life after baby? Is there any change in your life? Do you feel your life was easy earlier?

Before sharing my experiences, I would like to share the ‘most heard line’ with you. And that is; Congratulations! Your baby’s schedule is now your schedule. And listening to this again and again, I felt if this is real, how would I manage?

I have heard more about sleepless nights, and this was the only concern I had when I became Mom. But later on, I could manage that too very quickly because nothing is more important than your baby’s love and care.

Now coming to my experiences, I would say my life is perfect after my baby’s arrival and is even better. And here are the changes we faced in our lives, as a parent.

Before my son’s arrival, I used to be alone at home and now, I have the favourite and the best time pass, which is incomparable to anything else. And all my alone time is our baby’s time.

My husband who loves to play games be it on mobiles or laptops has left playing. And the best thing is that he does not regret it at all and never gets upset if he is unable to play which was not the case earlier.

Whenever the baby wants to go out, we immediately plans an outing even in the case we are not well and want to take rest. I feel this is a healthy change as we are more active now.

Now we feel proud while going out with him as the people started giving us attention. LOL! Because when you are outside with a kid, automatically, it grabs everyone’s attention. Strangers smile at us and even gives us advice sometimes about taking care of our baby.

We have started making healthy choices in food post his arrival and cut down the use of junk food and soft drinks which are not only unhealthy for kids but for us too.

We are more connected to nature now as we have started going to parks, and public places. Also, we have become more social because it is essential for babies to explore their surroundings and be a social thing.

Sometimes, when we watch TV, he starts shouting out of his happiness, and we have to switch off the TV obviously because we can’t hear anything and we also began to listen to his different voices and kept laughing looking at him forgetting about our TV series or movies.


Now we remember almost every rhyme, and instead of our favourite songs, we keep humming those rhymes every time which helps in educating our baby too.

Changes happen post-arrival of baby, but in our lives, these changes are healthy and perfect.

We love every little thing related to him like shopping for his essentials, going out. And sometimes we have to drop out our important plans, but again, if the change is healthy, we are healthy.

In all of these changes, one big difference came in our life, which is less time for “us”. But we found happiness in this too by talking more and only about him.

So, this is how our life is more perfect and joyful now. We live every moment of it. And now, I would like to hear from you about how the arrival of your baby has changed your life?


Not a regular blogger but loves to write whenever i find something interesting and cute.

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  1. Good initiative

  2. My second son born on 11th Aug. 2019 and once again my life filled with joy. Nothing is more important than the take care of a new born baby. Thanks for this informative article Namita.

  3. really good

  4. Very positive aspect which expressed so beautifully..??

  5. Very thoughtful and really enjoyed the narration.?



  7. Truly said

  8. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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