This story is inspired by my son divit. This is the real conversation between me and my boy. He is just 3.5 years old and I feel he is a kid but too smart to handle sometimes.

Divit: Mumma ,Its too hot an ?

Mumma: Yes My Son

Divit: Mumma I was playing PJ Mask & I become Catboy. I did lots of Billi ki dhaasu daur(i ran as fast as catboy runs)that’s why I am tired and I am sweating.

Mumma: Okay Okay so why are you explaining that much?

Divit: Mumma, see I am sweating…So We should drink Coldwater Nah and post that we must eat Icecream.

Mumma: Laughed!Giggles ! and Said Yes!

It was strange to see these tiny kids are so smart and communicative.

As a mother, I am trying to capture all these beautiful moments. Hope you all love this and Bless my son Divit.

Shivani Pandey
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