Hospital Bag Essentials for Delivery – Things You Must Include

You are eagerly waiting for your newborn and don’t want to irritate yourself when he/she is with you, right? So, be ready and pack your hospital bag essentials as soon as you cross 34 weeks mark, that is the beginning of the ninth month as delivery can happen anytime after the beginning of the ninth month. One of the biggest questions an expecting mother has is what all she should pack in her hospital bag. Imagine being in labour and thinking about the things you may require in the hospital. It would be a disaster, wouldn’t it? So here is the list of the things that you must pack in your hospital bag.

List of Hospital Bag Essentials For New Mom

Maternity Pads

The blood flow for the first week after delivery is so huge that the regular sanitary pad will not be able to sustain and will overflow. After the flow subsidies, regular sanitary pads can be used. On the other hand, adult disposable pads can hold up to 800ml. There are a lot of things you will be concerned about, but at least you won’t worry about staining your bed sheet. As per my personal experience, I strongly recommend buying “Abena” adult pads. Thank me later because I reminded you of these hospital bag essentials.

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Disposable Panties

A disposable panty or disposable pad fixator is a must to pack in your bag. As our body gets rid of the blood and tissues after the baby is born, sometimes the stains are such that are difficult to wash off. Also, due to the mother’s condition for the first few days postpartum, washing clothes is a challenging task. Adult pads and disposable panties can go hand-in-hand, and once the blood flow subsidises, you can make use of regular panties. The “Newmom” disposable pad fixator is one such product you will not regret buying.

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Feeding T-shirt/Top/Kurti/Gown

Feeding clothes come with a chain, which helps in making breastfeeding easy and comfortable. These clothes are designed in such a way to minimise exposure. Nowadays feeding clothes come in different varieties and they are designed in a way that it’s not even apparent that there is a chain beneath. My mother says we didn’t have so many options during our times, so ladies make the most of living in this era and wear fashionable clothes while taking good care of your little munchkin.

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The slipper is One such item that slips from our mind, and we often forget to carry them. Generally, hospitals do not provide slippers; therefore, we need to pack them in our hospital bag proactively. Slippers are necessary because we go to the washroom often and how much ever clean the hospital is our feet become dirty. Slippers should form a part of your hospital bag essentials. Click here to read an exciting article on motherhood.

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Feeding Bra

You will need a feeding bra to support feeding clothes. A feeding bra is such that opens from front making feeding a cakewalk. Giving up on wearing a bra may result in sagging of breasts. I would suggest a non-wired bra, as a wired bra may result in engorging of breasts. Also feeding bra acts as an absorbent for leaking and saves from embarrassment. And one last advice would be to buy a bra which is two sizes bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. For example, if you were using 34B, you may consider purchasing a 38C.

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Generally, the pillows provided in the hospital are not comfortable; therefore, it is better to carry your own. After delivering back pain is experienced, the smallest thing like a pillow goes along in making the post-delivery situation better. I had not taken it myself but at the eleventh hour had to call for it. So if your hospital is nearby and it is feasible for you to bring a pillow, do take it. You can also purchase a soft, comfy pillow online.

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Hair Rubber Band/ Hairclip/ Hairband

Hair rubber band and/or clip is/are a small item with utmost importance. Please tie your hairs adequately during labour; otherwise, they add to your discomfort. Imagine you are tired and exhausted to the ultimate level and your flicks are not manageable, wouldn’t it be frustrating? So don’t forget to include a hairband or clip as per your requirement in your hospital bag essentials. If you have short hair and you cannot tie them, then you may buy a hairband to settle them at a place. Keep a separate set in your hospital bag.

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According to old ladies tales, the mother has to cover her ears and head to protect her from getting cold and preventing the heat from going out through the head as per traditional belief. So if you are amongst the few ladies who listen to their grandma’s, do include this item as this is one of the vital hospital bag essentials.

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Tissue Paper

After delivery, bodily movements are restricted often due to pain in stitches in either case, be it normal delivery or caesarean. In such a situation, tissues come handy, and you don’t need to get up from the bed each time you want to wash your hands. Additionally, you can use tissues randomly for many things.

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Napkin/Quick dry Towel

Generally, the stay at hospital ranges from 2-7days. So if by chance you have to take a bath at the hospital, you may require a towel. A quick-dry towel is best at such time; it takes less time to dry as the name suggests and is nice and dry for use next time. On the other hand, a napkin is a must for a face wash now and then and must be included in your hospital bag essentials.

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More often than not, we tend to forget packing things like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, moisturiser and lip balm, because sometimes we get dehydrated during labour. It’s better to plan ahead of time as it is one of the crucial hospital bag essentials, so pack the small travel packs for these items.

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Takeaway Before Congratulations

Amongst the mentioned hospital bag essentials, do not forget to take the file containing your case history and last but not the least your mobile phone charger which is extremely important, nowadays, right? 

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