Gifts For New Mom – Make Her Parenting Easier & More Comfortable

When it comes to buying gifts for new moms, it can be difficult to decide whether to pick something for her or something for the baby. Every new mom appreciates the gifts she receives from her friends and family. Well, as a new mom myself, I would love to share what I thought were the great gifts I received and those which I wished I received.

Some Best Gifts For New Mom

Baby Blankets

The little ones need to be kept warm. And they look so cute, all swaddled up. So, what’s a better gift for the new mom than cute baby blankets? It always seems like there are not enough of these essentials. Besides, if you wish to make it more personal, gift them cute ones like these.

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Diaper Bag

An essential for every new mom!! It is going to be the perfect gift for the new mom who loves to wrap her lil’ munchkin and go out. Even the trip to the hospital would be incomplete without a diaper bag. In fact, I have two diaper bags, one for hospitals in which I keep my baby’s vaccination records and other essentials, while the other bag is for spontaneous car trips. There are various options, and this bag right here is a handy one that is spacious and has enough pockets for even the toddler phase.

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Baby Record Book

New moms love to click photos of their little ones and record every little milestone. A baby record book is a gift the new mom would love and cherish. It’s also something that the little one will enjoy too later on. This book I found on Amazon has space to even get my baby’s hands and footprints. Check out some more gifting items here.

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Cloth Diapers

I would suggest this is one of the amazing gifts for a new mom to take care of her baby in an economical and healthy way. Disposable diapers are a necessity, but while you are at home, cloth diapers are the best option. These are very eco-friendly, as well as a very wise gift a new mom can get. This diaper can be used during the day or night.

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Body Suits or Rompers

Every mommy loves to dress up her newborn in cute clothes and bodysuits with funny writings on them, or rompers that cover them up from neck to toe are the go-to gifts for new moms who love to post pictures on insta.

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Feeding Kurti / Tops

This is one of the best gifts for new mom. She will love this!! Something that is needed whenever she leaves the house with the baby or even a working mom who expresses breast milk for her baby will find this useful. This feeding Kurti with discrete zippers is a boon for moms giving the best gift they can for their newborns.

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Feeding Pillows

Sitting up to feed isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to do but, a feeding pillow can be used to make it a little more enjoyable. This pillow I used helped me prop up my baby and remain cozy while feeding. You can check the link below or this article on the Best Nursing Pillows for a Comfortable Breastfeeding Session Every Time.

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Mom & Baby Skincare Products

Even a new mom would love to look good. Even though stretch marks are the last thing on their minds, this skincare kit from Mom’s and co. is an essential gift for the new mom who also needs to be pampered. Moreover, skin care products for the baby are what every doting mother wants. This product I used is very natural and also doesn’t have any irritating scents or added parabens.

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Night Light

Night feedings mean night lights. Every new mom needs to have a low light that will help her see when she wakes up to feed the baby. Even if she is co-sleeping with the baby, a night lamp will enable her to be at peace as she can see her munchkin’s face at one glance. There are, of course, various options, and using a smart light is the smart option. This MI LED bulb enabled me to control the lights with an app on my phone without always getting out of bed. This one is a great boon and one of the best gifts for a new mom.

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Bottle Sterilizer

New moms sometimes have to resort to bottle feeding in some situations, and keeping these bottles clean is a major concern. An ideal gift for these moms would be a steam sterilizer that can be used to sterilize everything from bottles and teethers to small toys. This sterilizer by LuvLap is one such perfect gift for a new mom.

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Book A Date Night For Parents

Whatelse could be better, right? Allow Mom and Dad to enjoy a well-deserved night out. It’s the ideal moment for new parents to reconnect after the lifestyle adjustment that comes with becoming parents. A couple’s relationship will benefit greatly from a dinner for two and a few hours of childcare. So, go ahead and gift this beautiful day or night out to the new parents to let them enjoy their ”We-Time.”


Of course, the postpartum period is kind of very stressful for most new moms. With the sleepless nights, tiredness, overwhelming needs of the newborn, and the sometimes harsh advice or criticism from others, it is very common for the new mom to find herself stressing out more than soaking up and enjoying the initial days of motherhood. So, sometimes the best gifts are the little things, like a word of appreciation on how well she is managing the baby and how everything will be fine or even taking a cute snap of the new mom and her precious gift.

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