Effects of Gentle Parenting & Parents Mutual Relationships on Growing Children

As I have mentioned in my earlier blog that a mother has to play infinite roles in the process called “parenting.” Now, this parenting process is not a constant procedure; it has many variations. Parenting style depends upon the overall personality of both the parents and how they are brought up. Some parents prefer a strict kind of parenting, some are not even involved in this process completely, and some prefer the “Gentle Parenting” style.

In this blog, we will talk about what exactly gentle parenting is and how the parents’ mutual relationship affects infants and toddlers.

What Do We Understand By Gentle Parenting?

So what does this style of parenting means precisely? It involves basic behavior and attitude like mutual respect, being emotionally involved, or being empathetic and understanding towards each other. But still, this style of parenting doesn’t compromise with discipline; the gentle parenting method also encourages discipline in children.

Gentle parenting is not any specific method oriented. Rather it’s quite personalized and based on choices to be made as per children’s willingness. This style doesn’t promote punishment and any negative reinforcement.

Main ingredients of the recipe for gentle parenting, at a glance:

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Boundaries
  • Choice
  • Willingness

What Parents’ Mutual Relationship Has To Do With Gentle Parenting Style?

The gentle parenting format depends more or less on parents’ mutual relationship. Let us understand how it happens exactly. Gentle parenting is a bit different from the traditional method of parenting. It is a positive way of parenting that involves a peaceful approach of introducing various human behavior such as empathy, respect, emotional understanding along with setting boundaries and at the same time disciplining the child.

This kind of approach will definitely demand a great amount of patience and devotion. So, when parents’ mutual relationship is at rhythm, then only they can carry out with the gentle parenting approach.

And also, parents’ mutual relationship remarkably affects the growth and development of infants and toddlers. Because if parents are in a stable relationship, they share a great bond of love and respect for each other. That reflects in the surroundings, which provides the opportunity for a growing child to foster a bright and successful future.

Therefore, we can understand that a good relationship between both parents is a key to raising a good human being.

Children’s first learning platform is their home. Their family and first teachers are none other than their parents. So, whatever they see or watch happening in front of their eyes, they will learn the same. It’s a human trait. So, if their parents show a good relationship between them, that will provide a nurturing and caring environment that will help the children grow as happy, caring and loving adults.

Why Parents’ Mutual Relationship Is Important?

As per my learning from around three and a half years of parenting, I have learnt the following facts regarding the impacts of parents mutual relationship on growing toddlers:

  • When children see their parents be in a good relationship, it positively affects their growth and development. They learn how to communicate emotions, not just at this tender age but also form the basis for their future behavioral health.
  • Toddlers learn how to behave, how to understand, how to express their emotions, how to think, and how to communicate only by looking upon their surrounding environment. Therefore, from the stage of an infant, a kid’s fundamental development and social skills depend upon what they are getting from their parents’ mutual relationship.
  • If this relationship shows love and respect, stability, understanding, and compassion, it strengthens the bond between kids and parents.
  • If parents’ mutual relationship is good, the child feels safe and secure. They got that strength and confidence of exploring this world from the warmth of their parents.
  • Children’s future relationships depend extremely and particularly on their parents’ mutual relationship.

Something From My Own Niche

I am a mother of twin boys of age around 3 years and 9 months. So what I have seen in my family is that my kids are very observant and keen to learn new things every time (as everybody’s kids do), so they continuously observe how we behave with each other and follow the same behavior. So whenever we make any mistake or behave differently out of normal human nature, they make sure to point out our diverted behavior.

Here, I just want to convey that if we, as the parent, show a good mutual relationship, our children will automatically reciprocate the same pattern of behavior, what they have perceived and learnt from us. Also, read about those Eight signs that you’re an overprotective or ​obsessively focused parent.

Few Points For A Quick Wrap-up

  1. The gentle parenting style is not a flick of a magic wand; it takes a lot of patience. Moreover, it needs a lot of strength, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is important to understand our own emotions and take breaks as required. And trust me, that can do wonders.
  2. A good mutual relationship between parents and a warm, loving, and comforting interaction between parents and toddlers boosts young and growing children’s resilience and confidence and promotes their communication skills. Children need these qualities and skills later in their lives to form happy and healthy relationships with other people, deal with stress, and handle various problems. This kind of atmosphere also promotes the good mental health of children.
  3. The growing mind observes every minute detail of their surroundings, so they speak, behave, act or pretend exactly the way we show them. Not just the parents’ mutual relationship and behavior but also your relationships with others such as family members, friends, neighbors, etc., impacts the kid’s overall behavior. Therefore it is very important to check how you behave with anybody in front of toddlers.

So let’s meet next time with a new topic. Let’s keep learning with our kids. Happy Gentle Parenting!

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