Chapter 1 : Failures.. Is It Just A Word? Do We Need It In Our Life?

Failures should it be accepted with pleasure? Are we still to learn and teach something?

Failures is a strong word. We think that taking any failure seriously will damage our mental wellness. But is it so? It’s so only when we aren’t prepared or preparing our lill ones for the same. The high is the expectation, the more will be it’s negativity on our life. We need to explain this to younger generations much before it’s too late. They should be explained the drawbacks of high expectations. Expectations make us psychologically unstable and demotivate our morale and confidence.

‘Failures are the pillars to success’ and that should be believed. It is not the end of life. One who faces failure, will surely achieve success with his hard work and willingness to learn and grow. One who gets success without hard work is either the impact of silver spoon inheritance or sheer game of luck. But unfortunately, both doesn’t stay with you forever.

Stepping Stone to Success

That’s why I think as a parent my main achievements would be to build up my kids strong not only physically but also mentally. I want to teach them to respect failures and take it as a stepping stone to success.

Practically, it may be tough at initial stages but I know teaching the coming generations to appreciate failures can lower the high rates of suicidal tendencies that may result in the mentally strong youngsters.

Failures teach you to grow. Every one has faced failures in life but one who fights back to explore more is the real winner. Though hard to believe but the truth is that failure can become your life’s greatest experience and qualification.

Success and failure are two faces of same coin. Fear and Failure both begin with the same consonants and both of them are equally important. Both can give your life a kick start. Changes start when you are positive and believe in yourself and that’s only possible when you learn to handle the same. Handling the situation makes you learn a lot.
Here, I have a few lines expressing my thoughts on the topic:

Why failures should be preferable?

Failures and success
Are the mid way recess,
Recess of life, the way and Sight…
The reason to explore
To believe in yourself some more…
One day you will shine
And proud and precious,
As an old wine…
But for that moment,
You need to be your own,
As You are special since you are born…
Prove yourself,
Believe in yourself…
Always welcome
Failures as a way known…

Points you should remember

  • Don’t give up.
  • Never overthink.
  • Follow your passion.
  • Live and enjoy failures.
  • Believe in God.

Live and explore the world of possibilities and mental wellness. Failures come and go, but life is more important of them all. You should be strong and calm. With a light heart and soul target to the perfect life goals.

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Ritu Goel
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