Chapter 5 : Finally, What Have We Ascertained?

Let’s teach the youth in a better way: What is failure?

Failure implies the failed attempt to understand the concept of environmental pressure or underestimating the same. It’s not a problem of your calibre and hard work. It’s just a failed attempt and it’s not over yet.

FAIL itself implies that it’s your ‘ first attempt at learning and this makes a huge difference. The difference in outlook and opinions is worth it. It may be an attempt to save one breakdown or to save one life.

Fail isn’t an end but failure is an opportunity, one to improve and explore a better understanding and knowledge, attempt a better approach and appreciative insight towards the same problem. Failures should be noted as a beginning of a new you and not as a result.

The ones who struggle are prone to failures. How would they fall who never dared to attempt?

Motive And Aim

Educating youth to boost their motivation, dedication and commitment is my aim and we have to form an army for the same. Let’s join hands and promise ourselves to nurture healthy and strong minds who aren’t captive/slaves to success.

Let the world enjoy the view of smiles and peace enchanting everyone with their influence and magic.

As parents, we need to pamper their successes, weaknesses and failures equally. Let’s stand by them during their tough times giving them that enchanted hug they urge for. Being supportive and understanding, instead of judging them by scores and results is the ultimate need of the hour.

My Shadows You Are Strong Enough

To Face The Situation,

I Am Strong Enough,

To Connect With You In Any Commotion.

Just Believe In Yourself As Much,

As I Believe In Your Strength

Don’t Be Stressed And Sad

On Little Bits And Pieces Which

Are Worthless

When Compared To Your Sight And Happy Enchant.

Trying Is Important

Remember folks it’s the word ‘TRYING’ that’s important and not succeeding. To try on with something is absolutely remarkable as it’s your daring and that should not lose its worth at any cost. What’s the point of being alive if you are not ready to go for the trials?

As is well quoted,” Trying is the best possible trait of one’s character and personality.” Your attitude towards the task reflects your mental wellness and upbringing standards.

What To Do If You Are Stressed?

Yeah, you are right. Stress isn’t your call. But at least you can open out to someone whenever you feel stressed out. It’s important to pour your heart out to relax. It’s just a matter of a few seconds. Just help yourself during hard times.

Catch hold of a friend or a family or parents or even a stranger and pour your heart out. This surely will relieve you and may prevent the worst cases of suicide and traumas.

Believe me, don’t expect too much from anyone. Let’s accept whatever comes to us with ease and positivity.

You are the darlings of your world. Don’t let any emotion override yourself. You are tough and a fighter. Catch hold and defeat the devil in the inner conscience that scares you of failure.

Failures Actually Are The Friends That Guides To Do Remarkably Well While Success Are Like The Yes Man Who Will Never Let You Explore Beyond Expectations.


Happiness, smiling faces, enthusiasm and passion are the basic concepts of a successful and prosperous life. A little bit can even give you bundles of joys. Just you need to help yourself in finding out and enjoying those in every second of your life. Life is precious. Please don’t waste it just for worthless thoughts. Stay positive and calm.

Concluding words from the author

Here, today I would wind up my continuation on “FAILURES: The Ultimate Necessity and Strength”.

Hope you all liked it. My aim in attempting this small write up series was to create awareness on the topic and its outcome in the present scenario. We as parents can do a lot and it’s every bit that counts. Let’s aim at building up a strong and healthy future in society. Your precious minutes and emotions are my strength.

Kindly share your thoughts and suggestions.

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Stay safe, stay blessed always.

Ritu Goel
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