Eczema In Babies – Here’s My Experience On Dealing With This Condition

Nowadays, most children are suffering from atopic dermatitis or eczema. Eczema is commonly seen among babies. My baby has been suffering from atopic dermatitis since her six months. So what is atopic dermatitis? What are the factors that trigger it? How can we control it? Is it curable? These are the main questions among us. So today, let’s go through the answers.

What Is Atopic Dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis is a type that makes your skin red and itchy. It will be different modes for different people. In my baby’s case, it is like burning wounds. My cousin, who is the same age as my baby (2 years old), has nothing to see on her skin, but it is rough and itchy when we touch her skin. So symptoms may vary according to people. It also causes if they have a family history of such skin conditions or asthma.


  • Red itchy flames on arms, legs, behind knees, face, also maybe appear all over the body.
  • Rashes can be seen.
  • Dryness of skin.
  • Peeling of skin.
  • Itching is most common.


Treatment will vary according to severity. Treatments include the following criteria.

  • Avoid the use of soaps or other irritants.
  • Use ointments or creams to relieve itching.
  • Keep your skin hydrated.
  • Drink more water and eat hydrating foods.
  • Use Clothes of Cotton only(white are preferred).
  • Bath using mild hot water.
  • Don’t wash your clothes with heavy detergents.
  • Don’t eat cold foods.
  • Seek advice from doctors.
  • Keeping your body moisturized and hydrated is the primary treatment for eczema.

Factors That Triggers

Many things trigger eczema, which varies from person to person.

  • In the case of food, egg, milk, wheat, meat, fruits like orange, pineapple may also cause severe eczema. AS I said, it may be different to person. Such like my baby is allergic to eggs. She will start itching when she eats an egg or food that includes an egg, such as a cake.
  • My doctor advised giving milk only adding some water to it.
  • Seasons: winter season and rainy seasons may become severe for your eczema.
  • Clothes other than cotton will cause severe eczema.
  • Avoid excess use of oily food.
  • Use lotions or creams to moisture your body. Limit the use of sprays.


  • It may vary according to severity. In the case of babies, it will be cured when they reach a certain age. Some of them will be cured at 2, some at 4/6/11. It may go up to 13. It is said that at 13, hormones in our body change.
  • Though the cure is not fast, it is curable. It will take some time. We can cure it by controlling slowly it by applying moisturizer.

Problems Faced By Us

Other than children, parents will also face some kind of problems such as:

  • Criticism from society; when anyone sees our child, they start giving us lectures and recommend many doctors. Don’t get misled by those. Eczema will take its time to go. Whether you see many doctors, it never changes the fact that it will cure slowly. And there will be up and downs. So stop visiting multiple doctors and continue with one doctor.
  • You need to attain a good quality of patience. Take care of your child with better precautions.
  • Don’t get tense. It will cause depression. Set your mind free, and believe me, it will go away.

Modes of Treatment

There are many modes of treatment in India. Besides allopathy, there are Ayurveda, homoeopathy, sidha, naturopathy etc.

Besides allopathy, all these treatments will take time. And also, they will bring the whole symptoms outside the body; it will look like a severe condition, but after some days, it will be cured gradually.

But we need the patience to see such situations. We can’t cure it fast because it may cause asthma or problems in the kidneys. So we need to control eczema slowly and make it curable.

It’s quite a normal skin condition primarily seen in European countries due to the cold season. But many people said it was in old times and was cured through naturopathy as there was no advanced allopathy those days. When It happened to my baby, I saw it for the first time.

They told me not to be worried it would be gone at a certain age. Atopic dermatitis is not a non-curable disease.

My Experiences

As my baby was 6 months old, there were small burning-like sensations on her neck. As she was my parents’ first grandchild and my first baby, we used only virgin oil before bath. We did not use soap but used green gram flour. She did not have such conditions at that time, but her skin was dry. So, I recommend not to use green gram flour on babies; if they have dry skin, as it will cause severe eczema.

Then we went to Homeopathy, and the symptoms on the neck vanished gradually. Then there came such wounds on arm and leg. And it was very itchy at night, and she couldn’t sleep at all. So for six months, we sought the help of homoeopathy, and I was sure that it would take time to cure.

But my brother was not satisfied with the homoeopathic treatment, and he insisted on going to allopathy. So, we agreed with him and went to the allopathic doctor. The doctor suggested many antibiotics, which we gave at first, but the situation worsened, and we started noticing eczema on her face too.

Later on, we stopped allopathy and went to an Ayurvedic doctor. After taking the ayurvedic treatment for three months, we noticed that the situation again got severe, and she lost her sleep entirely as eczema was really irritable to her. Seeing this, the ayurvedic doctor himself suggested allopathy as he could not give more strong medicines as she was a child.

And here we are with another dermatologist, and now it’s his treatment. There was little cure, but when the season changes, it becomes severe. Many people again recommended many doctors, but I ignored them and continued to the same doctor. It will take time, so what is so good about changing doctors?

My Suggestions

We tried many doctors and understood that changing doctors would not cure the disease. It will be cured for sure. Just give proper care to your child and be patient. My baby is two and a half years old now. Since it’s winter again, her condition is not good, and she sleeps too little at night.

So don’t be tense; it will be cured. I submit this article to all parents like me. Don’t lose your hope and give care to your child. Every disease has medicine. You can click here and read more on the condition.

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