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In today’s scenario, we have a considerable criterion of both spouses working. In all such families, parents are worried thinking about who will take care of their child during their office hours. Kids are needed to be taken care of by a third person. And here comes the daycare.

You can take the benefit of maternity leave for a few months or get paid leaves, but after that, it becomes a compulsion to join your office back. In any workplace, you have to spend about eight to ten hours.

You can appoint a home caretaker, but daycare is the most popular choice of parents because it is a safer and more convenient option for both children and parents. Daycare is a place where certified people take care of your child in your absence.

Let’s discuss all the aspects step by step about how to choose a perfect daycare, how to prepare your kid emotionally, checklist for daycare and how to deal with separation anxiety:

Choosing A Daycare

Leaving your little ones under someone else’s supervision is always a challenging decision for parents. Make sure you consider these points before selecting a perfect daycare for your munchkin:

  • Hygiene/cleanliness maintenance- Make sure that the toilets, floors and bedding should be regularly cleaned. The daycare staff should be trained for cleaning children’s mess and maintain proper hygiene. You can ask about it the daycare in charge without any hesitation.
  • Caretaker children ratio- The ratio between caretaker and children should be 1:5 for up to two years old and 1:10 for above two years old.
  • Medical facilities-All necessary first-aid and emergency kits should be available. Except that, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment should be there.
  • Build Area- The staircase might be unsafe for your little one. So, make sure it is situated on the ground floor.
  • Play Area-Indoor and outdoor play zones should cover enough space for all the kids.
  • Activities- Don’t forget to check which toys and activities are available for kids. It is paramount for your child’s development as he or she has to spend about eight good hours in that atmosphere every day.
  • Proper ventilation and lighting –It is an essential factor to check while selecting a daycare.

The Perfect Age to Start Dropping off

Though daycares are open to all age groups from six months toddler to early teenage, it’s up to you when you want to drop your child off. I recommend you be with your child as much as you manage or as much as your workplace allows you. Also, read this blog on How To Set Up A Daily Routine & Its Benefits?

How to Start Preparing your Child

So, have you decided when you re-join your office? Whatever the day you have planned, start preparing your child a month ago that day. A lot is going to change for them and you as well.

  • Sleep cycle –Your child has to get up early in the morning as you have to drop her off before your office. So make sure to start waking your child up at that time when it is one month to go.
  • Food habits – If your child is too small to have food on its own, you should discuss the food timings and eating practices with the appointed caretaker. If your child is still breastfeeding, you should start rehearsing nipple bottles for your infant. If your child is old enough to have food on its own, you have to prepare them before leaving them at daycare.
  • Bring them out –Make your child comfortable around other kids so that it won’t feel sheepish among numerous children. You can bring them to the park every day and let them socialize with other children.
  • Visit daycare and communicate with the caretaker –Whenever you visit the daycare, bring your child with you. Let your little ones be comfortable with the environment and let them be friendly with the appointed caretaker.
  • Teach your child emergency sign – Train your child how to explain their emergencies and convey their sign to the caretaker as well.

Checklist For the Daycare

  • 5 to 6 Diapers
  • Pack of wipes
  • 3 to 4 sets of extra clothes (depends on the age of your baby)
  • Pacifier ( If your child use it, don’t miss it)
  • Food, Milk and snacks (guide the caretaker how warm or cold it should be while feeding)
  • Toys (If any specific toy, engage and calm your child)
  • Nap essentials like nap rolls, pillow, blanket etc.
  • Emergency contact details (Except your mobile numbers, provide them office landline numbers as well)

How to Deal with Separation Anxiety

Now we are all set to drop our baby at daycare but do we actually prepare ourselves for dealing with separation anxiety? Until today, you are always around your child, so how it could be easy that you vanish suddenly in front of their eyes. It is the cause, you worrying about your munchkins because you both have to stay without each other for such long hours. It is too hard for you and your kid due to separation anxiety. So, let’s understand how to deal with this so-called “separation anxiety”:

  • As I said, start preparing your child for daycare a month ago. You can initially drop them off for a shorter hour and gradually increase their stay timings.
  • Be friendly with the caretaker while communicating in front of your child. It will ease your baby, and they will feel safe with the caretaker.
  • Don’t show your worries and anxiety in front of your child. It can be disheartened them, and then it becomes more difficult. Instead, show your ward how enjoyable place the daycare is.
  • Talk about daycare in a friendly manner. Tell your baby about the available activities there which arise excitement in them.
  • Prolonged goodbye could make the situation more difficult as children can grasp your stress. Bid them a quick and happy goodbye. You have to control your teary sentiments; don’t let moist your eyes while departing your child.

Leaving your little one in daycare is a tough decision, but they will get used to the daycare ambience within a couple of days. I hope these few suggestions will make daycare drop off less challenging for you and your child. Also, check out this teacher’s tip to make your baby’s first day easier.

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