My Birth Story Is Like A Dream

I wanted to have a vaginal delivery because I wanted to feel the pain my mother must have gone through, but I was ready for C-section in case needed. So I patiently waited for the labor to begin even though I was 40 weeks pregnant. On 4th August, around 9.00-9.30am, I started getting contractions, and they came in a gap of 20 minutes. I was going to be a mother for the first time, so I said to my mom; we need to call Pravin (my husband) and head to the hospital. To which my mother replied, you still have time; we’ll see by the evening. I did not even inform my husband about it till late in the evening when I got little bloodstains.

Then we decided to go to the doctor. I told my mother, I could ride the scooter to the hospital; she agreed since the nursing home was nearby and she knew how strong her baby girl is.

My gynecologist examined me and said the baby has lowered into the pelvis, and it’s a little on the heavier side, which indicated that it might result into a C-section. But she decided to go with the flow as I wanted a vaginal delivery. She asked me if I wanted to stay at the hospital or go home since it was going to take more time to into active labor or come by 8.00 am tomorrow.

The Doctor said, come as soon as you start getting contractions frequently. By night, contractions came in a gap of 10mins, and I could hardly sleep. I was waiting for the sunlight of the day when I’d meet my angel. We reached the hospital around 8ish and waited for the doctor to arrive. I was still not into active labor at 9.00 am the next day, so my doctor decided to induce me. Immediately after that, I started getting contractions one after another, so they took me to the delivery room. I was asked to get on the delivery table and bear the contractions. They only had one delivery room, but I didn’t know this until an emergency case arrived. The baby was being born at 7 months through vaginal delivery. One of the nurses told me that, ”you still have some time to dilate fully,” and asked me to sit on the sofa while they birthed the emergency baby.

I was into active labor and watching a baby being born live in front of me. I couldn’t sit, nor could I stand, so I sat in a squat sitting position while one of the nurses held me. The baby had lowered, and I was getting contractions every two minutes. And then I heard the cries of a baby, not my baby yet, haha. The emergency baby was birthed safe and healthy while I sat there waiting for my turn. I had actually seen a baby being birthed in front of me while in active labor; how often does that happen? By the time the lady got of the delivery table, I was desperately waiting for my turn, and hey, I was so much in pain I just wanted the baby to come out.

I got on the delivery table and was told to push when I get a contraction. I kept pushing and pushing. I was exhausted; I closed my eyes and kept pushing. Suddenly I heard a male voice; I immediately opened my eyes and saw a man pushing my stomach (fundal pressure). I didn’t care; I didn’t care at all. I just wanted the baby to come out, and then I felt a bloop; the head was out, another bloop his shoulders were out, and then I heard a baby’s cry. This time it was my baby, my angel, my heart, and I don’t remember a second after that moment when I am not looking at my baby. My baby was born on 5th August, almost after 29 hours of labor. I now know how much my mother has gone through and how much she loves me, probably more than I’ll ever know.

Shruti Koli
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