Booklet By Ritu

Chapter 2: Self-Discipline – Redefining Life

In the previous chapter, we were introduced to the individual reasons for punishment scenarios, types of the same, intensity, etc., in the process of ...

Chapter – 1 || Parenting In General And Disciplining Being Specific

From The Author This is my second series. After the completion of my series on FAILURES, I am back with a new topic for my readers. Here, I will be ...

Chapter 4 : Why Should One Appreciate Failure?

Failures should be appreciated but many would not be convinced by just the statement. True that. We are living in a digital modern display world and ...

Chapter 3 : One Aspect Of Failure: Each Kid Is One Of A Kind

Recognition of oneself and being obsessed with self-love isn't a crime, dear, but the limits should be noted.  The problem persists when we, as ...

Chapter 2 : Failures Embraced, Never To Be Disgraced

"If you win, you have got a chance here, my love, and if you don't, this is your emergency exit, but in both situations, I'll be by your side." ...

Chapter 1 : Failures.. Is It Just A Word? Do We Need It In Our Life?

Failures should it be accepted with pleasure? Are we still to learn and teach something?Failures is a strong word. We think that taking any ...

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