Busy Books For Toddlers & Benefits Of Reading To Kids At An Early Age

Many parents in India still think that introducing books to toddlers should be done when they start school. Though the notion has been changing now, we are getting aware of the benefits of reading books to babies at an early age. So, here we will talk about the importance of books in babies/toddler’s life.

Kids of any age are in the learning duration always. They grasp everything so promptly we can’t even visualize it. They design their beautiful world. When we take them to their imagination, they love to analyze more.

As parents, both mother and father should start practising putting books rather than allowing them to spend more time watching TV and mobile or any other electronic gadgets. They can never be useful at such a growing stage. Technology binds the children in such a way that it takes lots of effort to understand that it is deteriorating their health.

Let’s talk about more books with them. They will sure give attention to us. First, we need to enlighten ourselves on what kinds of books we should offer them. There are so many books that have been launched for babies to toddlers. So we need to know which all books will benefit our toddler’s. Here in this blog post, I have shared the benefits of books and some of the books I have personally loved. Let’s check the books first and then we will move to benefits.

Books You Must-Have For Your Toddlers

My First Library

books for toddlers

A collection of ten well-researched Board books that introduce young scholars to a variety of learning themes and daily items. ABC, numbers, shapes, colours, wild creatures, farm animals and pets, birds, fruits, vegetables, and transportation are among the topics included in the collection. These lovely picture books help children develop reading skills, expand their vocabulary, and improve their listening and observant skills. They have well-researched vivid illustrations and cover a wide range of topics appropriate for toddlers.

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Seek and Find – Animals

A beautifully drawn book for children to explore the forest, farm, savannah, oceans, and polar regions in search of various creatures and birds. The toddlers can find the animals faster because to the appealing illustrations and large labelling at the top of each page. I highly recommend this book as my son loved it.

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Nursery Rhymes Board Book

books for toddlers

Traditional nursery rhymes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jack and Jill, and Humpty Dumpty are included in this wonderfully illustrated book. This book has a padded cover, a sleek design, and beautiful images, making it an ideal present for a young reader.

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My First 1000 Words

A fantastic book for introducing children to a wide range of learning themes and daily things. With 1000 colourful and well-researched photos, the book is great for toddlers and newborns learning simple words and developing observational abilities. Bright visuals and precise word labels allow the kid to develop a large vocabulary in a short period of time. The English alphabet, numbers, forms and colours, opposites, modes of transportation, birds, animals, occupations, baby objects, toys, household items, action words, and body parts are just a few of the topics covered.

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My First Mythology Tale

My First Mythology Tale is a fantastic collection of five books. These books lets parents introduce their children to the world of Indian mythology in a fun and easy way. It includes some fascinating and enthralling stories about the Mahabharata, Krishna, Hanuman, Ganesha, and Ramayana, as well as stunning and colourful graphics that help children connect with the stories and learn more about them.

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Benefits of Reading Books To Babies At Early Age


Yes! It’s Amusing for both parents and toddlers. When we introduce books to them, they become delighted to see and explore them. We can talk about books by saying, “Can you see what I got today for you? It’s a book.” In this way, they become eager to open it. The cover of books is very important. It should be full of colours; it directly pulls the toddler’s attraction. So bring captivating books first, according to my experience. Don’t think about teaching everything inside the books; rather, show them what it is all about.

Brain Development & Motor Skills

The brain is one of the major parts of a human being. It understands the elements and sends the signal to all other parts of the body; similarly, if we introduce books to babies/toddlers early, their brains react differently. Their brain provokes a child’s imagination, quick grasping and making their mind up to see extra, learn, ability to focus, concentration and developing communication skills.

Super Learning Tool

Let’s make a habit of taking one book of any language and start reading with them. You can start with storytelling, rhymes, or just picture books. You can relate the reading to real-life things. For example, if you are talking about colours from the book, then immediately show the same colour inside the room. This helps them in learning colours, learning to coordinate, enhancing listening skills, paying attention to every word.

Reduces Screen Time

Books have always been a great potential to enhance vocabulary. It also keeps a child’s brain healthy and fresh. Even calm their mind, increases interest and they sleep better. They become so curious to see, imagine and learn they may keep asking for the same things every day & night. This eventually reduces Screen-time and the burden of stress. Even parents learn new things from toddlers’ books. This is magic for both parents and toddlers. You can also check this another blog on Innovative & Indoor DIY Activities For Toddlers.

Bonding and Lifelong Success

Books for toddlers create an environment of bonding. A Bonding between children and parents. This healthy bonding impacts a lot in day to day life of a toddler. This directly produces a sense of trust, ability, creativity and engagement in the right platform. Toddlers minds are made with heavy emotions. If these emotions are filled with books knowledge, they will automatically share all their mind talk with their parents. For every minute detail, they like to see parents involvement. They feel that bonding with parents in a quiet place will induce fantasy. Making a habit of reading a book during bedtime is one of the healthy ways to bond together and intensify the relationship.

Travel Friendly & Money-Saving

We can take books anywhere and anytime. It’s the best choice to keep our kids engaged when travelling. Just grab the snacks and some books, and that’s all you need during the vacation. Especially during a long journey, keep some new books handy and offer them. Often they feel bored when they see old books so better keep the new one. It’s a whole bunch of entertainment for them. Also, check this 14 AWARD-WINNING CHILDREN’S BOOKS OF 2021

From TV Cartoon Characters to Books

Kids are busy with TV most of the time; why? Because cartoons are so eye-catching and fascinating. There is no end in the Television/cartoon world. They will keep coming with new fresh cartoon characters and making us addicted. So, it’s better to talk about the same character using the books. Buy them the books with their favourite character.

For example, you can say, ”see, this book also has Peppa pigs, see how they are dancing, eating and playing.” It’s all about diverting their mind from TV and showing them what they want to see using the other method.

Use weird voices of various animals, birds, make lots of facial expressions to grab their attention. You can ask questions; what’s exactly they like about books, which page is more interesting and what they like to hear about. These all statements help them to raise questions and doubts. It’s a tedious job, but in the end, you will know that you never failed; you did your best. It’s all about your child development on the right platform.

Helps In Their Academics

Kids who have a habit of reading from an early age won’t feel nervous to read or learn from the book when it’s school academic. They get confident and upgrade language skills to boost their mental game. You may observe they will love to share the books with others. They may start teaching about books to others. That’s a plus point and positive side. It improves their memory and develops intelligence. That’s how they become successful in their academics. You don’t have to pressurize them to study or open a book to read. Parents get applauded for this habit of creating an environment of reading books from an early stage. 

Some Tips On Buying Books

  • Buy books with a large depiction of pictures of everything like animals, birds, alphabets, fruits and vegetables, etc. & choose colourful books.
  • Buy good quality books. Nowadays, it’s made of fine wood laminated with excellent quality pages.
  • Make a habit of reading books at least once a day or at bedtime.
  • Instead of carrying your phone all time, make a habit of carrying your magazines/Nobel books with the kids’ books. This creates a huge impact on their mind.
  • Read loudly and softly. Always point towards pictures and have fun with books. Don’t look dull and be happy.
  • You can read with snacks sometimes.
  • Keep adding a wide range of books and keep repeating; if he emphasizes his favourite book.
  • You can talk about the benefits of books to other’s or relative’s kids if you see them using phones. (Politely & discretively obviously, so they dont mind it)
  • Teach or create awareness of books benefits to other family members, including elders, grandparents and babysitters. This is not only a mother’s job. Involve everyone.

Final Words

So parents! Keep adding new addition of books for toddlers. You can borrow from friends, family members or buy it. It’s a blessing for us. What books can teach toddlers, we may not do that. Books have huge potential to change children’s behaviour, basic manners and brain development. I think it’s all about development, emotionally and physically. Sometimes it’s challenging for parents, but it’s all about leadership and management. So let’s s replicate and change the whole new meaning of a toddlers life. Good luck.

Priyadarshini Gupta
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