Biggest Parenting Success!!

Hello lovely parents!!

Generally, we consider ourselves parents when our bundle of joy comes into our arms. But I personally feel parenting starts from the day you hear the ultrasound heartbeat of a tiny fetus growing inside you! Isn’t it!..

At least for us, it began on the 29th of December 2019..when the doctor made me hear another heartbeat apart from mine inside me..and surprisingly didn’t stop there..”Wait!”. ‘This was the heartbeat of 1st baby’ and proceeded to make me hear one more heartbeat…oh yes!!! I was pregnant with twins!!

My happiness could not be confined in my ear-to-ear banana much ever I tried to pose as cool and composed.

Seldom did we had any knowledge of the twin challenges fate had in store for us.

And the biggest Parenting challenge began just after 3 months… Nationwide Lockdown was announced.!!

So many questions just flooded my mind. How am I going to protect my babies? Since it was a twin was a high-risk one. And as a parent, it was my responsibility to protect my babies and make their home a safe and beautiful place for them to grow healthily.

At one point, I couldn’t see anything ahead…I was at point-blank. Total Lockdown!! Apart from mentally being very depressing, we had so many other issues. Like how to go for scans as some of my very important scans were pending like the NT scan and Anamoly scan and of course other following scans. We didn’t have our own vehicle at that time as many in Mumbai totally depend on public transport, including Ola and Uber. But in the first Lockdown, everything was just shut! My mind was flooded with anxiety..and this was very toxic anxiety for my babies breathing inside me. There were so many “What Ifs..?” continuously bothering me.

What if. I have an emergency and can’t reach the hospital on time?

What if. I couldn’t complete my important scans and tests?

What if I get infected by the virus?

What if.. my husband and my only support system get infected as he often goes out for fruits, medicines, etc., for me?

What if I don’t get enough nutrition as we were restricting our movement outside except for necessities?

As there was no help, we could take from outside, what if I couldn’t sustain the workload. The doctor had advised me bed rest, but due to lockdown, there was no help we could hire, and I had to work at least for cooking.

All in all…what if I fail as a parent in this challenge to take care of my babies?

What if I fail as a parent to bring the babies into this beautiful world?

All these What Ifs used to haunt me 24X7 for the next few days.

My all hope, my all support, my all belief in all this virus chaos – was my Kanha.. and my husband (Gaurav)

We decided – one task at a time.

The first task was to get my Anamoly scan done.

Gaurav went on a hunting spree to find some auto, some taxi. When the goal you want to achieve is sooo soo dear to you, and you are so completely devoted to making it happen, a path is laid down by divine mercy. One holy spirit (disguised as an auto driver) finally agreed to drive us at double rate. So finally, my first big challenge of getting my scan done was completed on a very auspicious day of Mahaveer Jayanti. When the doctor told me that both babies are absolutely fine and healthy..all my lost faith suddenly got refilled inside me. Now, this was a turning point for my worries as they started taking a back seat and thoughtful and positive actions started filling my days and nights.

From here on, apart from a few anxieties, few dull moments….my pregnancy was a dream pregnancy as my husband was always there with me as he was working from home. Now somewhere, I had selfishly started to enjoy the Lockdown (not the pandemic). With the heart within and God overhead, both of us started overcoming every small obstacle that came in our way. I used to always be in a happy mood for no reason. I continued to do all my creative work as well. In my sixth month, I made summer dresses for my Laddugopals and also made a YouTube video of it!! This was something that deserved a pat on my back.

We welcomed our angels on 21st July 2020. Till 20th July, my DIYs and YT videos continued…

Because of Covid’s situation, we were not allowed to bring anyone except husbands and one attendant at my delivery time.

Gaurav and I reached the hospital at 8.05 am, and by 10.00 am, we were officially parents to twin baby boys!!!! They were born in the 37th week and weighed 2.6 & 2.9 kgs at birth.

We had finally successfully managed to bring our twin joy healthily on this planet earth!!!!

For me – this was my First Big Parenting Success. Twin pregnancy- Lockdown- no help-full term pregnancy – healthy babies – healthy mommy !!!

For the first night, my babies had to be kept in NICU for observation. So by the next day evening they were finally handed over to us.

Since then- no exaggeration- each day and each night had been a Parenting challenge for us..and I can definitely say..each passing day was a Parenting Success for us!!

My monkeys are 10 months old now. They test every bit of my patience even today. In fact, day by day, it has increased. Nothing much has changed as far as the outside world is concerned. The pandemic is getting worse, still no help, and now to deal with fully charged two monsters. The situation is still full of challenges. But despite everything chaotic about this parenthood – I can’t imagine a second without my munchkins.

Both me and Gaurav have bruises all over; they are our parental bruises which remind us of every small and big challenge we had won as a parent- and I must say, we proudly wear them!!!

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  1. Wow amazingly written. The climax has to be blockbuster ?

  2. What a beautiful inspiring story ?

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