7 Best Baby Diapers To Buy In 2022 – Personalized & Genuine Review

As new parents, we worry about so many things, and the transition to parenthood can be very challenging. Parents always want their kids to be comfortable and happy, and this is more true during early childhood, where the child cannot express his/her feelings in words. Hence new parents are always anxious if they are doing their best! Here in this article, I will share the list of best baby diapers as per my personal experience of using them for my baby.

Diapers have made the lives of parents and kids much easier as they allow better comfort and lesser laundry hassles. But with the plethora of diaper brands available in the market can leave us confused. So below is a list of the best baby diaper brands that really worked well for my son and me.

List of Best Baby Diapers

Pampers Premium Care

best baby diapers

It is available in size range NB-XL. It has cotton-like softness, which ensures uninterrupted sleep. Its 10mn micropores enable extra breathability. It also has unique air channels which enable airflow. Most importantly, it has a wetness indicator which helps with identifying the changing time. It also has lotion with aloe vera, which keeps skin irritation away. This diaper has an all-around fit, which helps with free movement. For me, it is a premium & one of the best baby diapers at a reasonable rate.

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MamyPoko Pants

best baby diapers

The size range is XS-XXXL. It comes with a crisscross absorbent sheet that absorbs up to 7 glasses of urine. So this diaper lasts up to 12 hours. It spreads the urine equally, so there is no fear of heaviness. Its stretchable tight support prevents the gap between the diaper and the baby’s thighs, preventing leakage. Its cotton-like breathable cover prevents stuffiness even when used for long hours. It is easy to wear and remove. One can tear up both sides and pull it down. So if you are looking for the best baby diapers that are affordable too, this is for you.

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Huggies Wonder Pants

The size range is XS-XXL. It is a next-generation diaper with bubble bed technology that ensures the baby’s delicate skin remains soft and comfortable while providing up to 12 hours of absorption. It has a truly soft bubble layer that feels like a bed. Most importantly, it has a next-generation waistband that prevents redness in the baby’s waist and provides free movements. There is extra padding on the sides of the diaper pants to prevent leakage from the sides onto the baby’s thighs. So if you are looking for the best baby diaper for your baby’s skin, this is for you.

Also, read my other review on Cloth Diapers and why I switched to them.

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Himalaya Total Care Pants

best baby diapers

If your baby has been suffering from rashes then, you should definitely give this diaper a try. It’s powered by a natural anti-rash shield- Indian aloe and Yashad bhasma (zinc oxide). This shield reduces the activity of harmful microbes and protects the baby from painful diaper rashes. It is an easy-to-wear pant-style diaper that makes diapering convenient for parents and is well suited for active babies.

It has a wetness indicator that changes from yellow to green when it’s time for a change. Its breathable fabric ensures proper air circulation, and leak-proof soft elastic edges prevent leakage. Its super absorbent polymer (SAP) layer absorbs multiple wetting and provides maximum protection from dampness. These are another best baby diapers and are also affordable, which makes them a popular choice.

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Huggies Premium Soft Pants

best baby diapers

Size range S-XL. These premium pants have been crafted with a breakthrough silky cocoon design to wrap your little one in pure softness. Its superior comfort comes from its unique feature- the silken outer cover to provide 360-degree softness! The cushioned waistband prevents red marks on the baby’s delicate skin. The bubbling bed inner lining spreads the urine evenly and rapidly to ensure dry and comfortable nights. It also comes with a wetness indicator which changes color to help change the diaper in time. It’s a bit more pricey range of Huggies diapers, but given the quality, it’s worth the amount.

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Pampers Active Baby Diapers

The size range is from NB – XXL. Pampers active baby is a custom fit diaper; one can make it tight or loose based on your baby’s need. It has adjustable tape for a soft and flexible fit. Its cotton-like softness provides all-around comfort for your child’s gentle skin. It quickly absorbs and spreads wetness evenly, giving an extra dry layer. It gives 5star skin protection specially designed for ultimate skin comfort. Price-wise they are quite affordable too. It is definitely one of the best baby diapers in the price range. Also, check here the news on Pampers that Introduces New Hybrid Diaper–Part Reusable and Part Disposable.

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Supple’s Baby Pants Diaper

best baby diapers

The size range is from S-XL. This brand is relatively new in the Indian market. However, they are very promising. These are made with cotton soft material, which is gentle on baby’s bum keeping their precious skin perfect. This diaper is made up of non-woven material, which gives it a more comfortable feel. Its trickle lock side cuffs ensure that the diaper does not have any leakage.

The core absorption pad of the diaper is large, which ensures maximum dryness of the baby. It can hold up to 7 glasses of liquid. It has a zig-zag channel top layer that creates a large absorbing area, helps in uniform liquid distribution, and helps the diaper stay dry. Moreover, it also has a gel magnet bottom layer which consists of magnets that are hydrophilic in nature. It absorbs large amounts of liquid which helps to keep your baby dry.

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To conclude, I would like to say these are my personal choice of the best baby diapers, and one should always go with the brand which works best for them and their babies. Diapers are your baby’s best friend during early childhood, and selecting the right diaper ensures that your bundle of joy is comforted, protected, and free to explore. For me and my son Pampers active baby definitely stood out. Also, one should always check the size chart before buying the diapers. It is always advisable to use a nappy cream before using a diaper.

Happy Parenting!


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