God Is Preparing You For Something Great, Just Hold On

Hey Everyone, the first thing I want to say is, “Never get upset if your doctor says it’s difficult or not possible to conceive” as everything is possible if it is God’s wish.

I got married in December 2017, it was an arranged marriage, and I live with my in-laws. When I got my first-period post-marriage, my mother-in-law said no problem, but I know it will not happen next month.

I was surprised at that time but ignored it. Then next month, when I got my periods, she started pressurizing for the baby. Though it was not her fault, too, as my father-in-law has some tension issues, she wanted that he would be fine if a baby comes.

However, my husband told her that we wanted it after 1 year, so she didn’t say anything after that day. However, somewhere I knew that she wanted to have it early. So I, too, started thinking about it.

In April 2018, I came from the office & felt stomach pain, and the next day, we went to the doctor, only to know that I have a cyst problem.

Actually, I have it since 2012, but the doctor told me it would not create any problem in the future. However, now the doctor told me that it has a big size, so start taking medicines; otherwise, it would be risky for you. She also mentioned that this medicine works like contraceptives, so it is impossible to conceive with this medicine.

I was a little upset but thought as my husband told already that we would think about the baby next year, So maybe I would be fine by that time, and I started taking medicine.

Every month we need to go for an ultrasound to check cyst size, but there was no improvement, and then October 2018 came. I was a little worried and told the doctor that we wanted a baby soon; however, she clearly told me that you have a big cyst, so either continue the medicines or operate it, as, without that, it is not possible to conceive.

I was shattered that day as in my family; my in-laws didn’t know anything about it (due to my father-in-law’s tension problem, we didn’t inform them). I really cried that day, and then my sister came to know about it and said, ”how can u believe one doctor & show your reports to some other doctors too.”

Then we visited 2 more doctors, and they said it is not impossible, but there is only a 5% chance of conceiving, so try for the next 3 months, and if you would not conceive, then will go for further tests.

I myself lost hope for some time and cried many times; that why it happened to me; what if my in-laws came to know about it.

My mother, sisters, and husband consoled and supported me throughout. My family told me to have faith in Sai Baba. We are a firm believer in Sai baba, so my sister and I both took 11 fasts of Sai baba (my sister took it for me).

Then 3 months passed, and January 2019 came, and I was not pregnant and lost all hope again. My husband knew I was sad all the time, so he said we should take a trip for a change, and we booked tickets to Goa for March 2019.

Within those two months’ time, my in-laws again started to pressurize for the baby, and frankly, to run away from this discussion, I decided to go to my mothers’ place.

So in the last week of January 2019, I went to my mother’s home for 1 week. Then on Feb 3rd, 2019, I was feeling low and had a fever. I ignored it, thinking it was viral.

My period was due on 04th Feb 2019, and I always get it on time. When it didn’t come till 6th Feb 2019, I took a test and got to know that I am pregnant.

Trust me, I couldn’t believe it and was totally blank at that time. My husband was not there, and when I told him that I am pregnant, he also didn’t know how to react. We both were stunned & equally shocked.

I remember calling my mother-in-law the next day, and when I told her this news, she was literally crying and said, ”Are you telling the truth?”

So, it was really the ”next to impossible thing” that happened with me as when one doctor said that it is not possible in your case before surgery and the other two said that there are very negligible chances.

You can think of it; we also didn’t expect this in our dream as we booked Goa tickets. My sister’s daughter’s first birthday came on January last day of 2019, and I was literally dancing like Mad on DJ, jumping all over, totally unaware of this pregnancy. However, normally people say that u should be very careful in the first few months.

From my story, I want to tell you all that sometimes, even if doctors say that it is not possible or complicated in your case, then don’t lose hopes as if it is God’s wish nothing can stop it.

An excellent saying which I totally believe “Jha Se Insaan haar Jata hai, Wahan Se Bhagwan Shuru Karte Hain.” So, have faith in God; who knows, the next turn is yours.?

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