A Beautiful Journey

Hi everyone, I had been meaning to share my experience of my pregnancy journey because I know there are newly married people going to be moms in the future who need to read this.

It was not as easy as it was made out to be, and thus I want to share my journey so that if there is a new mom out there who is tired, sleep-deprived, and feeling overwhelmed, she can know that she is not alone.

She should know that many moms have been exactly where she is right now and that it does get better slowly.
We live in a world which always wants women to be supermoms. Even I was there in such a feeling until I turned into a mom and understood how tough it has been….

It was just then, in 2011, I got married in December as my husband, and I decided to have children as soon as possible ..…. …
To my surprise, within a month, It was good news for all my family from both mom’s side and mother-in-law’s side….. But somewhere or other, I was a little scared as it was the last year of my graduation where I need to spend more time on my studies at that time.

As of that, my luck favored me so much as my husband gave me so much support to come up with my studies. And even I was brave enough that I pursue my final year up to my delivery time.

I suffered every month with continuous vomiting, and then with a strong desire and with my husband’s support, I continued it happily.

Finally, it was my delivery time I carried my baby up to the completion of my 9th month in my womb. After that, I got admitted to the hospital for my delivery. I tried giving pains for three days that was really a tough time for me in my life because that hard my struggles were and finally I went through c- section and it was a cute baby boy. By seeing my little kiddo.

I just forgot all my pains and struggles.

That’s the beauty of motherhood.

Poornima .
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  1. Nice article.

  2. Thank you so much Karthik

  3. Very well written,??.

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    Umayal Subramaniam June 4, 2021 at 3:56 pm

    The story of your motherhood is beautiful. Best wishes.

  5. Thank you so much mam

  6. Great article. Keep it up!

  7. Thank you so much.

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