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Anxiety In Kids: This Is How You Can Help Them Reduce Stress

Children's anxiety and stress may show up in many different ways, including bodily (such as stomach pains and headaches) and mental (such as fear ...

This Is How I Manage My Toddler While Working From Home!

Although I am not working in any organization on a full-time job, I still can understand how challenging it is to work from home when you have toddlers or ...

How Am I Teaching Hitarth To Share? An Ongoing Process!

SHARING; the most challenging task to do, for the children, and to teach, for the parents. Like other parents, I also wanted to inculcate the habit of ...

This Is How My Son Settled In His First School Within A Week – Make Goodbye’s Easier

Starting a school is a huge milestone for both parents & kids. And like every parent, I was also anxious to send my little one to school for the first ...

How Did My 3-year-old Son Start Obeying me? I Wish I Had Tried This Before….

There is nothing new that I did… I just changed my ways. The important thing here is "APPRECIATION" Simply means "Higher levels of happiness and optimism." And ...

How Self – Affirmation Works & How It Helped Me As A Mother!

When I woke up this morning and began to think about what I would write today, one of the first things that came to mind was the significance of ...

Cold & Cough In Kids – Tried & Tested Effective Remedies

I very well understand that dealing with cold and cough in kids is too hard to witness. And we tend to visit the chemist or the doctor to let our kids have ...

10 Best Personalised Gifts For Kids – Make The Presents Special & Unique

Kids love having their own things, undoubtedly. Giving them personalized presents can be so sentimental and at the same time beautiful and loving. Everyone has ...

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Plant based laundry detergent
Mamaearth’s plant based laundry detergent for babies is dermatologically tested and is completely safe for gentle cleaning of baby’s clothes, sheets, towels etc. It has natural ingredients and bio-enzymes that help in the breakdown of dirt and oil. Neem extract inhibits the growth of bacteria.
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