An Emotional Moment Of My Motherhood Journey

Being a mother is a special journey with multitude of experiences. Each mother has her own unique experiences, which are truly inspiring and give strength to other moms.

“Mother is the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries. ” After boarding the Motherhood ship, respect for my mom has increased.

By the God’s grace I have nurtured my Son in such a way where he cares for everyone and shares with everybody.

Here is an incident that happened with me which made me emotionally cried.
Once I got hurt and I started pretending as I hurt badly and it’s paining severely, my 1.5 year old baby was silently observing everything and suddenly he came to me and started rubbing my head with his little hands as he thought I got my head hurt and gave me water bottle to drink water and slapped the chair (I was hurt because I fell down from the chair) and said “bhapp, mumma hurt”. It was so heart touching.

This incident realised me, how much caring he is also he was crying too after seeing me in pain.

Our baby keenly observes everything that we do so be mindful in front of your child.

Heena Shrivastav
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